Deede Gammon


Education - PhD, Health sciences, Univ of Tromsø, 2008. - Honours degree in psychology (Cand. psychol) Univ of Oslo, 1983 - Education (1 yr. program) Univ of Oslo, 1978 - Bachelor studies Portland State Univ, 1975 and Univ of Oregon 1974

Work experience: - 20% Associate Prof, Medical Faculty/Inst.Clinical Medicine - Dept.Telemed (2005-2007) 1995current: Norwegian centre for telemedicine (NST) - 2001-current NST Program manager: The eHealth consumer program - Head of R&D task force: New patient roles (1999-2001) - Member of centre management team (1997-1999) - Research psychologist with focus on telepsychiatry (see publications) (1996-1999) - 1990-1995, Telenor R&D,The telemedicine project as Research psychologist (see publications) - 1987-1990 Telenor EDB Business Partner (EDB avdeling), Head of staff for: organisational development (OD), strategy and training, OD consultant in national systems development projects - 1985-1987, Directorate of telecommunications,Organisational consultant and project consultant for Office automation - 1984-1985 A/S Quasar Consultants, Consultant in man-machine interface evaluation

Gammon, PhD, psychologist, is a senior scientist at Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST), University Hospital in North-Norway and at Oslo University Hospital. She has also been associate professor at University of Tromsø, and a guest scientist at University of Oregon, USA. She has headed numerous interdisciplinary ehealth research projects, particularly with a focus on patients’ and the public’s use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to cope with illness.

Deede Gammon

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Tel: +47 909 77 963

Title: Senior Researcher

Department: Patient Pathways

Deede's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Coordination for continuity of care in hospitals: ideals and practices 2012 - 2017 Patient pathways
Deede Gammon

Deede's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
Social capital survey for R@W 2019 FOREDRAG
R@W and preliminary findings for stakeholder needs 2019 FOREDRAG
Resiliency at work (R@W) 2019 FOREDRAG
Mentoring as a social capital intervention 2019 FOREDRAG
Hvordan personlige mål til innbyggere med kroniske sykdommer defineres og overvåkes ved hjelp av IKT. Resulter fra en scoping review. 2019 FOREDRAG
Hvordan personlige mål hos personer med kroniske sykdommer kan formuleres og følges ved hjelp av informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi? 2018 FOREDRAG
Hvilken type kliniske data er viktig å samle og dele i forhold til oppfølging av personlig mål? 2017 FOREDRAG
Hva er viktig i pasientens liv? 2017 FOREDRAG
Hvordan personlig mål er innarbeidet i pasientens personlige plan? 2017 FOREDRAG
Engaging and empowering citizens with long-term conditions: How to define personal goals and how to support the goal achievement with technology? 2018 FOREDRAG
Policies Make Coherent Care Pathways a Personal Responsibility for Clinicians: A Discourse Analysis of Policy Documents about Coordinators in Hospitals 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
A person-centered integrated care quality framework, based on a qualitative study of patients' evaluation of care in light of chronic care ideals 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Keeping one step ahead: A qualitative study among Norwegian health-care providers in hospitals involved in care coordination for patients with complex needs 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Person-centered care (PCC) - what is it really? 2017 FOREDRAG
Empowering patients with longterm conditions by supporting development of e-personal goals 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Resiliency at work (R@W): Digital innovations by and for at-risk youth to enhance social inclusion, health and employment 2017 FOREDRAG
Identifying Personal Goals of Patients With Long Term Conditions: A Service Design Thinking Approach 2017 FOREDRAG
Can an e-recovery portal play a role in shifting practices towards recovery? 2017 FOREDRAG
Identifying Personal Goals of Patients with Long Term Condition: A Service Design Thinking Approach 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Exploring Working Relationships in Mental Health Care via an E-Recovery Portal: Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Service Users and Health Providers 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Digitale tjenester for min psykiske helse 2016 INFORMASJONSMATR
Transitions from biomedical to recovery-oriented practices in mental health: A scoping review to explore the role of Internet-based interventions 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Shifting Practices Toward Recovery-Oriented Care Through an E-Recovery Portal in Community Mental Health Care: A Mixed-Methods Exploratory Study 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Patients’ reported reasons for non-use of an Internet-based Patient–Provider Communication service (IPPC) 2013 FOREDRAG
Using the CFIR framework to identify barriers and facilitators for the implementation of secure email in five settings 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Facilitators and barriers affecting the implementation of eHealth patient–provider communication tools into routine clinical practice 2016 FOREDRAG
Implementation of secure email to clinical practice – facilitators and barriers 2016 FOREDRAG
The act of balancing expectations towards use of an interactive e-health intervention for collaboration and recovery in mental health 2016 FOREDRAG
Electronically enabled synergies between mental health treatment and peer support: A catalyst for quality improvement? 2016 FOREDRAG
An Internet-based collaboration tool for personal recovery: How did service users and providers address and align expectations about collaborating through the tool? 2016 FOREDRAG
The balancing act. A study of coordination work in hospitals 2016 FOREDRAG
Spørsmål- og Svartjeneste (SoS) - Sikker e-post for pasienter og helsepersonell 2015 FOREDRAG
Internettbasert Spørsmål- og Svartjeneste i klinisk praksis - Evaluering av implementeringen 2015 FOREDRAG
Implementing an internet-based patient-provider communication service (secure email) into clinical practice - critical factors 2015 FOREDRAG
How do we deal with multiple goals for care within an individual patient trajectory? A document content analysis of health service research papers on goals for care 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Using the consolidated framework for implementation research to identify barriers and facilitators for the implementation of an internet-based patient-provider communication service in five settings: A qualitative study 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Middle Managers' Experiences and Role in Implementing an Interactive Tailored Patient Assessment eHealth Intervention in Clinical Practice 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Three new coordinator roles in Norwegian specialized health care – a policy-document analysis 2015 FOREDRAG
The Chronic Care Model and technological research and innovation: A scoping review at the crossroad 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Person-centered coordination in hospitals: A review at the crossroads of research and policy 2015 FOREDRAG
Telemedicine. The Norwegian Experience 1994 FOREDRAG
Telemedicine. A means to improve health care services on remote oil and gas installations 1994 FOREDRAG
Telepsychiatry in northern Norway 1996 FOREDRAG
The Importance of Being Useful and Fun: Factors Influencing Intention to Use a Mobile System Motivating for Physical Activity 2009 FOREDRAG
Foreldre som ”storebror”: Moralske og etiske spørsmål knyttet til overvåking av familiemedlemmer 2010 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Connect 2.0: Supporting Self-management and Collaborative Care.User Centred Networked Health Care 2011 FOREDRAG
Online shared decision-making in community mental health: Preliminary Results from Community-Based Participatory Research 2012 FOREDRAG
An Interactive Health Communication Application as a platform for disseminating ACT: A pilot study 2012 FOREDRAG
Service user interviews of psychiatric patients about uses of e-media: Experiences as co-reseacher 2012 FOREDRAG
Collaborative research and development of PsyConnect - An online support tool for mental health recovery 2012 FOREDRAG
PsyConnect - nettstøtte for mestring og samhandling 2013 FOREDRAG
An Online Tool to Promote Recovery and Collaboration in Mental Health 2014 FOREDRAG
Vår digitale pasientjournal 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Developing methods to capture the patient pathways experienc 2013 FOREDRAG
Service users’ perspectives in the design of an online tool for assisted self-help in mental health: a case study of implications 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Patients’ Reported Reasons for Non-Use of an Internet-Based Patient-Provider Communication Service: Qualitative Interview Study 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Lessons learned from interacting with users 40-70 years old in designing an eHealth self-help tool 2007 FOREDRAG
Supporting diabetes self-management through information and communication technology (ICT) 2007 FOREDRAG
Users as designers of information infrastructures 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Implementing an online patient-provider communication service into routine clinical practice: unexpected consequences 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Barriers related to the implementation of an informatics intervention into regular clinical practice: a leadership perspective 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Challenges in Telemedicine and eHealth: Lessons Learned from 20 Years with Telemedicine in Tromsø 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Use of videoconferencing in Norwegian psychiatry 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Patients who use e-mediated communication with their doctor -new constructions of trust in the patient - doctor relationship 2006 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Current concepts of patient centeredness in health service quality research 2010 FOREDRAG
Health services on the Internet 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Internet. In Berge T (ed). Coping with depression. Guideline for understanding and treating affective disorders 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
An overview and analysis of theories employed in telemedicine studies - A field in search of an identity 2008 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
PS-portalen: Forebygging av psykisk helse blant studenter ved hjelp av et lavterskeltilbud på Internett 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Psykisk helse på m@il 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Erfaringer med lege-pasient-kontakt over Internett 2004 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Electronic patient-provider communication: Will it offset office visits and telephone consultations in primary care? 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Psychotherapy supervision face-to-face and byvideoconferencing: A comparative study 1999 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Psychotherapy supervision conductedvia videoconferencing. A qualitative study of user experiences 1998 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Parent-child interaction using a mobile and wireless system for blood glucose monitoring 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Videoconferencing in psychiatry. A survey of use in northern Norway 1996 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Psykoterapeutiske samtaler via telenettet 1995 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Patient-physician interaction over the Internet 2004 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Health-care professionals’ participation in an online discussion forum: The impact on structure, content and interaction 2003 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Online group interaction and mental health: An analysis of three online discussion forums 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
The practice of psychology on the Internet 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Can Internet be helpful for individuals with serious mental disorders? User experiences from a clinical perspective 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Social support in a wired world: Use of mental health discussion forums in Norway 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Can Internet aid persons with serious mental disorders? 2000 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Use of internet health services in Norway 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Information and communication technology (ICT) in oncology. Patients and relatives experiences and suggestions 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
A systematic review of research methodology in Telemedicine: Standards gone astray? 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
In the eyes of the beholder. Exploring psychologists’ attitudes towards and use of eTherapy in Norway 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Use of videoconferencing within Norwegian psychiatry 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Nordmenns bruk av helsetilbud på Internett 2002 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Exploring morally relevant issues facing families in their decisions to monitor the health-related behaviours of loved ones 2009 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Internett som hjelpemiddel i rehabilitering av personer med schizofreni. Rapport fra forprosjekt 1999 RAPPORT
Meta-perspectives on telemedicine: theory, method and a case 2008 RAPPORT
Challenges in Telemedicine and eHealth: Lessons Learned from 20 Years with Telemedicine in Tromsø 2007 FOREDRAG
The Internet, Social Isolation and Mental Health - Future Perspectives 2003 BOKRAPPORTDEL
E-averting the medical gaze for health’s sake 2006 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Challenges in Telemedicine and eHealth: Lessons Learned from 20 Years with Telemedicine in Tromsø 2007 BOKRAPPORTDEL

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