Anne Granstrøm Ekeland


Anne Granstrøm Ekeland, Senior Researcher, PhD in sociology in 1995 from the University of Tromsø. Heading up national and international projects on conditions for the adoption of telemedicine and e-health, research-based evaluations, systematic knowledge summaries for service efficiency and methodology development for e-health research. Adjunct position as associate professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Institute of Clinical Medicine, the international master's program in telemedicine and e-health. Head of the ongoing project: Links between e-health research and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with a view to establishing HTA for ICT in NSE, as well as contributing to the development of new and dynamic approaches to HTA. The purpose is to enhance research to meet patients'and clients' needs and respond to the rapid technological and knowledge-related changes in the field. Cooperation with national and international players in the HTA field, including the Knowledge Centre at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). Developing a project for a PhD student on ethical issues raised by online access to the electronic health records of children and young people. The project will identify and analyze challenges to provide input for future solutions. The Project will be implemented within the framework of HTA, with testing of amongst other things implementation and improvement research approaches to the study of e-health and ethics. The project is part of efforts to further develop HTA in the ICT field.

Anne Granstrøm Ekeland

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Title: Professor

Department: Patient Pathways

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Anne's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for ICT: development and adaptation 2016 - 2019 Anne Granstrøm Ekeland
Zero point measurement related to «One Citizen-One Record» 2017 - 2017 Patient pathways
Gunn-Hilde Rotvold
Knowledge Summaries on Governance, Coordination and Management in E-Health 2018 - 2018 Citizen services
Line Helen Linstad

Anne's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
E-health in Norway (Europe) and issues in (global) governance of digitalization 2019 FOREDRAG
Do Positivist Assumptions Hold True In Complex Interventions? 2019 FOREDRAG
Ambivalently awaiting: Norwegian general practitioners' expectations towards a cross-Institutional Electronic health record 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Assessing HTA on Large-scale E-health Processes –Introducing the Need for Action Research 2019 FOREDRAG
Do Positivist Assumptions Hold True In Complex Interventions? 2019 FOREDRAG
Styring og e-helse 2019 FOREDRAG
Det er ikke alltid video fungerer mellom pasient og helsepersonell 2019 MEDIEBIDRAG
Assessing Values In National And Regional Governance Of E-health 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Clinical videoconferencing as ehealth: A critical-realist review and qualitative meta-synthesis 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling - Beskrivelse av tidsbruk og arbeidsoppgaver blant fastleger 2018 RAPPORT
Value-based Governance of E-Health in National and Regional Contexts 2018 FOREDRAG
Governance and Leadership in Electronic Health Record Implementation: A Knowledge Summary 2018 FOREDRAG
Effektmål for implementeringen av Helseplattformen, en pre-post studie 2017 FOREDRAG
Styring av nasjonale e-helseprosjekt - betingelser, beslutninger og prioriteringer av tiltak 2017 FOREDRAG
Changing Health Technology Assessment Paradigms – Rethinking Basic Assumptions for e-HTA? 2017 FOREDRAG
Samfunnsnvitenskapelig følgeforskning på e-helsefeltet 2017 FOREDRAG
Basic assumptions in RCTs contrasting empirical development of ICT? Alternative approaches for e-HTA 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Developing HTA designs for e-health: a systematic review of reviews 2017 FOREDRAG
Assessing an Electronic Health Record (EHR): How Do Basic Assumptions in Traditional Health Technology Assessment (HTA), and Empirical Features Fit? 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Evaluating patient empowerment in welfare technology and m-health tools as part of introducing new health care systems 2017 FOREDRAG
Basic Assumptions in Health Technology Assessment 2016 FOREDRAG
Assessing Electronic Health Records: Are Basic Assumptions in “Health Technology Assessment” Useful? 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
eTELEMED 2016, The Eighth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine and Social Medicine 2016 BOK
Assessment of mast in european patient-centered telemedicine pilots 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
FUNNKe – A Norwegian Large Scale Implementation Project: Experiences From the Implementing Process in the Light of the Normalization Process Theory 2015 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Assembling Agency for Viability: Videoconference in Orthopaedic Consultations 2015 BOKRAPPORTDEL
eTELEMED 2015, The Seventh International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine 2015 BOK
The Significance of Emotions and Professional Relations for Accommodating a Web-Based Ulcer Record and Improving Home-Based Care 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Mastering accountability: Integrating on-line tools and social processes for translating user needs into user requirements in an ambient assisted living project 2009 FOREDRAG
Teleradiologi - virkemiddel for solidarisk helsepolitikk? 1999 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Evaluering av organisasjonsutvikling i tolkingsassistentprosjektet 2008 RAPPORT
Forsinkelser i test og piloteringsfasen i prosjektet Elektronisk samhandling 2006 RAPPORT
Stillbilder av sykdomstilstander som diagnostisk grunnlag i ØNH. Brukererfaringer 2000 RAPPORT
Stillbilder av sykdomstilstander som diagnostisk grunnlag i ØNH. pasienterfaringer 2000 RAPPORT
Evaluering av telemedisinske Tjenester - Sluttrapport 1999 RAPPORT
Evaluering av telemedisinske tjenester. Teledermatologi - pasienterfaringer 1999 RAPPORT
Telemedisinsk henvisning og seleksjon av pasienter med diabetesindusert retinopati - brukererfaringer 1999 RAPPORT
Evaluering av telemedisinske tjenester. Teledermatologi - brukererfaringer. NST rapport 1999 RAPPORT
Evaluering av virtuell røntgenavdeling i helseregion V 1998 RAPPORT
Teleradiologisk nettverk i helseregion V? En oversikt over teknologiske forutsetninger og bruksdata 1995/96 1996 RAPPORT
Teleradiologiske praksiser i Nord Norge 1996-2001. Hvordan inngår og konstrueres rasjonalitet, og hvordan berøres utfordringer i røntgentjenesten? 2006 RAPPORT
Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of eHealth Interventions in Somatic Diseases: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Assembling Goal Attainment and Collaboration - Videoconference in Clinical Practice 2014 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Confronting challenges of contingency: using a web-based patient record for ulcer care 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
The telemedicine and eHealth equation - proposal for an updated view on the Teorem of Medical Informatics 2011 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Global telemedicine services – what can be learned from telemedicine in Norway? 2011 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Making a web based ulcer record work by aligning architecture, legislation and users - a formative evaluation study 2011 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Methodologies for assessing telemedicine - a systematic review of reviews 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Effectiveness of telemedicine: A systematic review of reviews 2010 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL

Anne's project reports

Report no. Title Author(s)
2018 05 Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen, Line Silsand, Gunn-Hilde Rotvold, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Anne Granstrøm Ekeland, Eli Kristiansen, Trine Strand Bergmo, Rune Pedersen, Inger Marie Holm, Halgeir Holthe

Anne's fact sheets

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2019 03 Videokonferanse i sykehus: fire trender Anne Granstrøm Ekeland