Annual report

You can download our english annual report for 2016 in the column to the right.

Some facts and figures

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is funded through a block grant from the Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, with additional external financing of projects from e.g. EU and the Norwegian Research Council. The project portfolio, which is generated from competitive funds, is intended to support the centre's national assignments.

The total budget for 2016 is NOK 78.3 million, of which the Ministry of Health and Care Services has granted NOK 35.9 million and the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority NOK four million, while NOK 38.4 million are financed through competitive funds.

In 2016, the centre has budgeted for 52 full-time equivalents. There is scope for the centre to grow up to approximately 60 full-time equivalent assuming the growth is in support of the national assignments.

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8 November 2017