Computer science student Pietro

Our centre is excited to have Master's student Pietro Randine (23) on board for six months.

Pietro Randine. Photo: Lene Lundberg
Pietro Randine. Photo: Lene Lundberg

The Italian is a Master’s student in computer science. Enrolled at Università di Milano-Bicocca, he will now stay with E-health Research until September.

And – it is not his first time at our centre:

- Every time I come to Tromsø, I feel like home! It is actually my third time here. First, through the Erasmus exchange program, then, during my Bachelor’s thesis. I come back because I really enjoy life here - people are very kind and I really like the international environment, says Pietro.

Professor Eirik Årsand is his advisor at our centre. Pietro’s project is to create a machine, which can help diabetic patients avoid too low blood sugar and manage their disease.