A learning health sector is built on a foundation of data

Will the new system work as intended? Where should Norway invest resources in health?

Data such as health information and patient feedback can answer these questions, but some criteria need to be met first.

Webinar: A learning health sector
Johan Gustav Bellika describes the road from health data to even better health services.

How can technology protect personal data while allowing the reuse of health data and supporting a learning healthcare system?

A lot needs to be put in place to provide us with the data we need to evaluate and research our healthcare services. The challenges are both technical and privacy-related. But maybe it doesn't have to be so difficult after all?

Professor Johan Gustav Bellika of the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research discusses some thoughts on how health data can be secured, while providing the authorities and researchers with the information they need to create even better health services and more holistic pathways.

Afterwards, senior advisor Hallvard Lærum from the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth will talk about unmet needs in collaboration.


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