Patient pathways

In order for the population to receive coordinated services, patient pathways must fall under joint reference frameworks for actors in the health and care services. Patient pathways also include the patient’s wants and need for health services beyond the specialist health service.

E-health solutions offer better communication between actors in the specialist health care. It gives more people access to good health services and society’s resources are used better.


With the support of ICT, research on collaboration and patient pathways intends to develop organisational models for communication and data management that can promote the triple goal of improved health and functioning of patients, improved patient experiences and solutions that provide cost-efficient health services.

Research must consider that the need for health services can vary greatly among patients. Particularly challenges of people with long-term and complex needs. Special focus is on the 10 % of patients with complex and long-term needs, who use two thirds of the health service's resources. The objective of the research is to produce information that realises the goal of a patient-centred, coordinated, proactive and planned service that offers a point of contact for patients with complex and long-term needs, and support multi-professional teams.

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25 November 2021

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Better collaboration

The goal is better collaboration between the different actors in health services.