Better use of artificial intelligence - real world investigations into conditions for optimization in Norwegian specialist Health services?


The purpose of this research project is to identify opportunities and challenges by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in image diagnostics at Vestre Viken Hospital Trust (VVHT) and Vestfold Hospital Trust (VHT).

The use of AI has many benefits, including increased quality through more precise and efficient diagnostics and treatment, better planning, increased opportunities for research and development work, and increased sustainability of health services in a long-term perspective. At the same time, the use of AI raises challenges related to cyber security, data quality, transparency, privacy, regulations, responsibility, ethics and organization and management of the service.

This research project will explore strategic and operational/practical opportunities and challenges that follow from nationally adopted strategies for increased use of AI in the health care system.

The research project is led by the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE). NSE is collaborating with the project: "Use of artificial intelligence in image diagnostics" which is owned and managed by VVHT. VHT is partner hospital in this project.

This research project will take place in parallel with the project led by VVHT.


The goal of the research project is to produce knowledge based on the process of introducing AI in image diagnostics. The knowledge can further be used as evidence-based basis for decision-making on future use of AI in the health care system in particular and e-health in general.

The project will also be part of Line Linstad's doctoral study at NSE. She studies governance of e-health and the realization of metagovernance and multi-level governance in the e-health multi-stakeholder domain. The national e-health policy and the project portfolio are managed through the National e-Health Board. The national policy on using AI in healthcare is described in the White Paper: Meld. St. 9 (2012-2013) One inhabitant - one record. A goal in this White paper is realizing electronic health records and medical quality registries which facilitate reuse of health data to support national health policy goals. .

This project at VVHT and VHT is part of the realization of increased use of ​​AI in the Norwegian healthcare system. See White Paper: Meld. St. 7 (2019–2020) National Health and Hospital Plan 2020–2023. The PhD project explores how the National Governance Board of E-health is a tool to realize the policy goals of both these White Papers.


The project uses a qualitative approach through the use of semi-structured interviews and document analysis.

Who is responsible for the research project?

NSE is responsible for the project. The project is being carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Care Services as part of the realization of the National Health and Hospital Plan.

Local coordinator for the research project

Medical physicist Stine Nalum Næss at the Department of Radiology at VHT is employed in a temporary 20% position at NSE to coordinate the activity between the research project and the project in VVHT and VHT.

Project manager

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Project period

2021 - 2025

Last updated

13 April 2021