The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care: Insights from User Perspectives towards SENSE-GARDEN

Channel: International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences

Journal name: International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences

Published by: International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA)

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Pages: 13-22

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Academic article


  • Gemma Goodall
  • Ileana Ciobanu
  • Ronny Broekx
  • Jon Sørgaard
  • Iulian Anghelache
  • Catalina Anghelache-Tutulan
  • Mara Gabriela Diaconu
  • Sigrid Mæland
  • Therese Borve
  • Audun Digranes Dagestad
  • Piet Bormans
  • Marleen Custers
  • Katrin Losleben
  • Rita Valadas
  • Cristina Vaz de Almeida
  • Alda Matias
  • Andreea Georgiana Marin
  • Kristin Taraldsen
  • Walter Maetzler
  • Mihai Berteanu
  • Artur Serrano