Nordic societal security in light of the emerging global and regional trends


The Nordic Societal Security Programme is a collaborative effort between the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, Research Council of Norway, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís), Academy of Finland, Danish Emergency Management Agency, Finnish Ministry of Interior.

The aim of programme is to develop new knowledge about and solutions for the many aspects of societal security affecting the Nordic countries.

Research proposals must address one or more of the following areas:

  • The relationship between climate change and efforts to reduce vulnerabilities and build capacities for societal security in the Nordic region.
  • The ramifications of technological advancements in society and the benefits and challenges this entails for the transboundary working field of societal security.
  • Consequences for national and international governance of societal security in relation to the future needs of the Nordic nations.
Financial framework

Applicants are invited to apply for funding to establish a Nordic research project with a budget of maximum NOK 12 million and a duration of up to four years. The intention is to provide funding for up to 4 research projects under this call, subject to quality.

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