Digital diabetes learning

This project aims to exemplify new tools and methods for patient self management and easier access to existing education services. These new tools and methods should be easy available and user adapted.

Target audience 

Persons with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Project description

The five main goals in the project are:

  1. Survey of existing information- and education offer for the user group, including finding the needs for a easier access to these offers and new alternatives.
  2. Refined project plan based on the result from goal 1.
  3. Design of three new digital tools and methods for education or easier access to existing offers. Test and evaluation of the tools.
  4. Concrete plans for continuation of successful tools or methods, including plans for enhancement of promising systems. Consideration of usefulness for other user groups.


The project is supported by the Stiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering. Report from the project is written, and published as soon as it is approved by the assignment provider.

Project manager

Last updated

15 December 2016