Department for Patient Pathways

We are studying how digital solutions can pave the way for uniform patient pathways. Technological, semantic and organisational interaction is challenging in the health service, and we are looking at the electronic health record as a collaboration tool. We investigate how strategies for introduction, standardisation and work processes affect quality. We are researching prerequisites for and effects of digitalisation, and we want to understand the complex interplay between technology and health services.

Patient pathways and better information flow

In order for the population to receive coordinated services, patient pathways must fall under joint reference frameworks for actors in the health and care services. Patient pathways also include the patient’s wants and need for health services beyond the specialist health service.

E-health solutions offer better communication between actors in the specialist health care. It gives more people access to good health services and society’s resources are used better.


With the support of ICT, research on collaboration and patient pathways intends to develop organisational models for communication and data management that can promote the triple goal of improved health and functioning of patients, improved patient experiences and solutions that provide cost-efficient health services.

Research must consider that the need for health services can vary greatly among patients. Particularly challenges of people with long-term and complex needs. Special focus is on the 10 % of patients with complex and long-term needs, who use two thirds of the health service's resources. The objective of the research is to produce information that realises the goal of a patient-centred, coordinated, proactive and planned service that offers a point of contact for patients with complex and long-term needs, and support multi-professional teams.

Department employees
Name Title Telephone(s)
Mari Kannelønning Researcher 469 19 810
Reza Baharmand Consultant 405 92 939
Espen Nordheim Adviser +47 47276779
Marte Broks PhD Candidate 975 63 802
Aslak Steinsbekk Professor 415 59 076
Ove Lintvedt Researcher 96519000
Torbjørn Torsvik Researcher 413 45 065
Asbjørn Johansen Fagerlund Senior Researcher 976 04 709
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen PhD Candidate 950 59 001
Rune Pedersen Director Patient Pathways 996 38 558
Luis Marco Ruiz Senior Researcher 414 41 113
Line Silsand Senior Researcher 913 35 053
Gunnar Ellingsen Professor 911 65 215
Gro-Hilde Severinsen Senior Researcher 901 99 457
Gro Berntsen Professor 905 18 895
Department projects
Project title Year Theme Project management
Improved use of the core health record, what discourage and what encourage the use of e-health? 2016 - 2017 Patient pathways
Kari Dyb
3P - Patients and professionals in partnership 2015 - 2021 Patient pathways
Gro Berntsen Undine Knarvik Lene Steen Lindseth
PACT I and II 2015 - 2021 Patient pathways
Gro Berntsen
CoaST - Collaboration in Surgical Training: Videoconferencing as a Tool for Knowledge Sharing 2015 - 2018 Patient pathways
Line Lundvoll Warth
Economic evaluation of the PAtient Centered Team (PACT) 2015 - 2023 Patient pathways
Trine Strand Bergmo
The Electronic Health Record-school 2015 - 2016 Pasientforløp
Thomas Roger Schopf
Scaling the effects of Lean through generative Electronic Patient Records 2014 - 2017 Patient pathways
Gro-Hilde Severinsen
Architecturally practices and possibilities for clinical decision 2016 - 2017 Patient pathways
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
Transition to ontology based terminologies 2016 - 2017 Patient pathways
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
Terminology and Coding Systems 2016 - 2016 Patient pathways
Per Atle Bakkevoll
DigiValue – Digitally supported ValueCreating Person-centered, Integrated and proactive health services 2016 - 2017 Patient pathways
Gunn Hilde Rotvold
Evaluation of the Electronic Multidose Drug Dispensing pilot in Rogaland County 2014-2016 2016 - 2017 Pasientforløp
Trine Strand Bergmo
RemoAge – Remote Support of Aged People 2015 - 2018 Patient pathways
Elin Breivik
Coordination for continuity of care in hospitals: ideals and practices 2012 - 2017 Patient pathways
M&eHealth 2017 - 2018 Patient pathways
Gunn Hilde Rotvold
Zero point measurement related to «One Citizen-One Record» 2017 - 2017 Patient pathways
Gunn Hilde Rotvold
Strukturert journal 2017 - 2018 Patient pathways
Health data
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
Spørreundersøkelse knyttet til EPJ 2017 - 2018 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
Helseplattformen: felles klinisk kunnskapsstøtte 2018 - 2018 Pasientforløp
Context-Aware Scheduling and Allocation System 2018 - 2023 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Conceição Granja
Collaboration between patients and health professionals - pre research project 2016 - 2016 Patient pathways
Gunn Hilde Rotvold
Trend analysis 2016 - 2017 Patient pathways
E-health Research and knowledge groups 2016 - 2016 Pasientforløp
Collaboration and exchange of information - Mapping of GPs time use and routines 2018 - 2018 Patient pathways
Semantic interoperability to support the development of process oriented EPR systems towards integrated care 2014 - 2019 Patient pathways
Rune Pedersen
The impact of clinical management on implementation of a structured Electronic Health Record 2019 - 2023 Patient pathways
Health data
Services for health professionals
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
From free-text to a structured Electronic Health Record – the preconditions for clinical decision support 2018 - 2022 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Line Silsand Gro-Hilde Severinsen
Nasjonalt læringsnettverk for gode pasientforløp for kronisk syke og eldre 2019 - 2020 Pasientforløp
Gro Berntsen
Nasjonalt Implementeringsforsknings Nettverk e-helse (NINe) 2020 - 2021 Patient pathways
Ove Lintvedt
Tackling social inequalities in health with the use of e-health and telemedicine solutions - Polenprosjektet 2020 - 2024 Innbyggertjenester
Tjenester for helsepersonell
Eirin Rødseth
Videokonsultasjoner i psykisk helsevern - Brukere og pårørendes erfaringer når videokonsultasjoner overtar for fysiske møter. 2021 - 2023 Pasientforløp
Monika Knudsen Gullslett
Valkyrie - distributed service-oriented architecture for coordinated healthcare services 2021 - 2027 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Terje Solvoll
The Patient Centered Team (PACT) intervention - How does it work and for whom? 2021 - 2023 Patient pathways
Gro Berntsen
Identification of multimorbid patients with impactable risk profiles using artificial intelligence, the IM-PACT method 2021 - 2023 Pasientforløp
Gro Berntsen Maryam Tayefi Nasrabadi