Transition to ontology based terminologies


The project will describe the leading terminologies and meta models they are built on. Furthermore, the the project will identify possible consequences of differences in meta models / concept models for use in healthcare systems. Consequences can cover areas such as the use of specialized systems, base for decision support and clinical guidelines, needs tools support for realizing the potential of terminologies etc.

  • Health professionals should have easy and secure access to patient information throughout the course of treatment, regardless of where in the country the patient is beaing treated. Clinical decision support should be integrated in the EHR.
  • Citizens should have access to simple and secure digital services.
  • Data should be available for quality improvement, health monitoring, management and research.

The assignments overarching aim is to contribute knowledge through an impact assessment of the transition to ontology based terminologies in relation to the forthcoming strategy and implementation processes in the Whitepaper "One citizen - one journal" (Meld. St. 9 - 2012-2013), which represents the overall development direction.


The project will investigate the consequences of a transition to ontology based terminologies, and describe possible implementation consequences.