E-medicine management

Electronic medicine management is introduced into the health services, and we must research the effects. We do this together with researchers throughout Norway.

We have established a "Research Network for E-medicine Management". The network's goal is to strengthen multidisciplinary research nationally, and to gather and disseminate information to the research communities that follow the development. We believe that by collaborating and sharing knowledge we can achieve more than each of us.

Everyone who wants to join the network is most welcome. Please contact Monika Johansen, see the link to the right.

E-medicine management

Patient safety and collaboration - Experiences with patient's medication list (PLL)

PLL has been piloted in Bergen for the past few years. How have GPs and hospital staff experienced the changes PLL has brought?


Better collaboration about medications in the future

Medicines are an essential part of our healthcare system, but are also prone to discrepancies due to poor communication between specialised systems.

Watch the webinar on the way forward for shared basic pharmaceutical data.


Drug accounting on your mobile

Accounting for A- and B-preparations on paper has many opportunities for errors. Everything from illegible handwriting, incomplete filling, calculation errors and document forgery can occur. These errors can be avoided by using the NarKontroll app on the hospital's mobile phones!

Watch the webinar about NarKontroll - an app for drug accounting developed by Østfold Hospital.


Et sykehjems erfaring med digitale hjelpemidler for legemiddelhåndtering

Sykehjemmet i Bindal kommune har fått et legemiddelkabinett og flere -traller. På webinaret 8. mars vil de dele noen tanker om tidsbesparelse, kvalitet og sikkerhet. Velkommen!


Helseplattformen – ett år etter

Mulighetene i Helseplattformen er utallige, men alt går ikke på skinner enda.

På webinar 16. februar vil vi undersøke hvordan legemiddelhåndtering har endret seg i løpet av det siste året på St. Olavs hospital.


Essential health information travels across borders

Norwegian healthcare professionals will soon be able to access critical health information about people from the EU/EEA who need healthcare in Norway. What does this mean for you as a healthcare professional?


Clinical decision support in Felleskatalogen

Last year, Felleskatalogen introduced side effect search, and is now taking it a step further with the integration of interaction analysis and clinical decision support. This will provide safer drug treatment.

Join us for a webinar where director Bente Jansen shares insights on classification as a medical device and shows how our decision support works in the doctor's medical record system.


19 municipalities now use Helseplattformen. How has this changed medication mangement?

Helseplattformen provides municipalities with an increased degree of standardisation and decision support. They also have a common medication list, for better or worse. How has medication management changed?


How difficult is it to get ahold of information about medications?

Drug information is perceived as fragmented, especially for multidose and transition between health levels. This worries doctors and nurses.


Measures to close the pharmaceutical loop in Danish hospitals

Odense University Hospital is in the process of rolling out a closed pharmaceutical loop. The robot that delivers multi-doses plays a central role.

Our colleagues in Denmark shared their experiences at a webinar on 6 October.


Three years of digital knowledge sharing on medication management

Do we want to go back to paper prescriptions and records on flipcharts? Hardly! But we need to talk together about how we can achieve the best solutions.

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