Better collaboration about medications in the future

Medicines are an essential part of our healthcare system, but are also prone to discrepancies due to poor communication between specialised systems.

Watch the webinar on the way forward for shared basic pharmaceutical data.

Webinar: Collaboration about medications
Jon Tysdahl makes sure that basic information about medications is the same for everyone.
There is some basic information that comes from the suppliers. We want to supplement this because it benefits the user in different contexts.

Healthcare professionals in Norway would probably agree that our medical systems should be able to talk clearly to each other about medicines, so that we can avoid manual processes, save time and improve patient safety. But do we agree on the best way to go about achieving this?

The Norwegian Directorate of Health is working on a socio-economic analysis and a more detailed target architecture. This will give Norway a common strategic direction to work towards. The work on common basic drug data has continued since the webinar "Avoid playing telephone in pharmaceutical management", which is why we are now taking a step back and getting an update on the field.

Presentation by Jon Tysdahl, senior advisor architecture in the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The webinar is relevant for both municipalities and hospitals, as the issues surrounding hospitalisation and nursing homes are somewhat similar.


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