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Are you looking for a new challenge? Have a look through our vacancies and read more about what it is like to work at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research. Please notice that all vacancies are in Norwegian.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is located in SIVA Innovation Centre in Tromsø. Around 66 people with expertise in health, information technology, statistics, sociology, psychology, education and economy are working together here.


The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research wants to be in front of the e-health field. We ensure this through recruitment of top quality people, continuous skills development of the existing staff as well as extensive cooperation both nationally and internationally in our projects.

In our recruitment, we attach importance to ensure diversity in terms of gender, age and cultural background.

Work environment

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research have flexible working hours. Core hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

All our employees are offered reduced price of membership by several fitness chains, and we have a good selection of company sports activities.

Through the University Hospital of North-Norway, our employees also have access to rent cottages (holiday homes).

Meet Eirik, one of our researchers

Eirik (to the right) meets with his m-health team every morning. Photo: Jarl-Stian Olsen, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

Eirik (to the right) meets with his m-health team every morning. Photo: Jarl-Stian Olsen, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

1. What is it like working at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research?

I have been involved in exciting research and development within the areas of e-health and telemedicine in Tromsø for the last 16 years.

I enjoy working in a dynamic organisation alongside highly skilled colleagues.

The centre gives me freedom to be creative, and provides professional challenges and the opportunity to work with creative students and researchers both from the centre itself and from other organisations.

2. Describe a typical day?

A typical day starts at 07:15 with breakfast and home brewed coffee. I have breakfast at work to avoid traffic and high blood sugar levels. I enjoy being one of the first people in the office, and starting early is a great way to kick off and plan my day.

A little later on, I meet with my students and colleagues in the team. I typically have several meetings with various people throughout the day.

If I'm lucky, I may find time at work to write research papers, but ordinarily I write these in the evening after working hours. At work I mostly write applications and respond to emails.

I try to have lunch with my colleagues as often as possible.

3. What do you actually do?

I'm trying to find out which e-health solutions people with chronic diseases, especially diabetes, prefer and benefit from. We aim to propose new ways of helping this patient group and investigate the effects of new solutions before they are adopted.

As a result we are able to provide information about user preferences and what works to health services, health authorities and the industry in general, so that they in turn can offer the best solutions to patients.

As well as presenting the results in scientific articles and at conferences, we try to demonstrate solutions in practical ways so that they can be seen in action.

4. In conclusion: A great place to work?


People stay here for a long time, and even when they do leave some of them come back! This is largely down to the freedom we have at the centre, but also the spirit of cooperation amongst the people who work here: we play with open cards. We know that we can't do everything alone and we are happy to share our experience and expertise.

My colleagues are very dedicated, have a great sense of humour and support each other.



Eirik Årsand, Professor


M.Sc. in electronics/instrumentation followed by a PhD in computer science.

Career tip:

Participate in, or build a team with a common goal where you work together and support each other. Try to have some fun while you're working. Don't draw the dividing lines between work and leisure too firmly.

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