Mental health

Mental health is about our thoughts and feelings, about our relationship with ourselves and those close to us. It is also about our relationship with the society we all are part of.

Mental health is simply about how we feel, whether we enjoy ourselves, people around us, and society.

Another common use of the term mental health is the name of the services offered to people with mental health issues. The area was previously called psychiatry, but in connection with the government's escalation plan for mental health, it was changed. Mental health is now included as part of the name of services in hospitals and municipalities.

In Norway, the definition of mental health is also described as "a state of well-being where the individual can realize his or her opportunities, handle normal stress situations in life, work in a fruitful and productive way and have the opportunity to contribute to others and in society. Good mental health is thus a positive condition - not just the absence of illness and difficulties”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that health has different dimensions, such as physical, mental and social. They form part of a comprehensive and complex interaction. On the basis of an argument that the whole is more than the sum of the parts, WHO has refused to formulate a unifying and global definition of the concept of mental health.

Source: Store Norske Leksikon, helsenorge.no

Mental health

The teams that help people with mental health problems struggle with digital issues

FACT teams meet people with serious mental health problems where they are, so that more can avoid being admitted to psychiatric hospitals. But the digital systems are far from optimal.


Trim for kropp og sjel - på digitalt vis

På webinaret 20. oktober, undersøker vi digitale alternativer for fysisk og sosial aktivitet. Digitale alternativer gjør at flere kan gjøre det som er viktig for dem, selv om de er hjemme.


Many were sceptical to electronic access to mental health records

Access to one's own medical records is now an established part of the service provision in mental health care. However, some situations can be problematic.


Feedback from users essential to create good online treatment

Our second open day webinar was held on 27 October 2022. The overarching theme of the presentations was digital mental health services.


Online event 27 October - Digital mental health services

We are delighted to invite you to attend our second Open Day on 27 October 2022. This online event will offer you new insights about digital mental health support and treatment, presented by Norwegian and Polish researchers and users.


Asynchronous digital therapy provides effective help

People who have mental disorders want to choose when to communicate digitally with the therapist. If we look at resource use and costs, this also works well for therapists. In this article, you will learn about the research of psychologist and researcher Tine Nordgreen, head of Centre for research-based innovation on Mobile Mental Health, at Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen.


Online psychological counselling means young people get help faster

Long distances or lack of time should no longer be an obstacle to the treatment of mental disorders.


Youth and mental health - WHO film created in Tromsø

Mental health conditions among adolescents are quite common. Stress, anxiety and feeling down can affect anyone. It is important to seek information and support. A conversation digitally can work well.


Psykisk helsehjelp til unge med Reidar Hjermann

Videokonsultasjoner til barn og unge innen psykisk helsevern – til hvem og når? Erfaringer fra et pandemiår.


Terapeutene opplevde overgangen fra fysisk- til digital terapi som brå, men bra

Da landet stengte ned i mars 2020 tilbød Blå Kors Kompasset umiddelbart digital oppfølging til unge brukere fra hjem preget av alkohol- og rusproblemer.


Greta Thunbergs diagnose gjør henne til både et forbilde og en hakkekylling

Hun har fått merke at det eksisterer mange myter om autisme.

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