Fact sheets

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2017 03 CallMeSmart Clinical Communication Terje Solvoll
2017 02 A significant increase in the risk of exposure of health information in the United States Johan Gustav Bellika
2017 01 Telerehabilitation Hanne Hoaas Paolo Zanaboni
2016 13 Skin Cancer Diagnosis through Images Thomas Roger Schopf
2016 12 Do Patients Want to Use E-health Tools when Ill? Johan Gustav Bellika
2016 11 Serious Games in Healthcare Eirik Årsand
2016 10 Sharing Patient-gathered Data from M-health Tools Meghan Bradway Eirik Årsand
2016 09 M-health for Diabetes Management Eirik Årsand
2016 08 M-health and Chronic Disease Treatment Adherence Eirik Årsand
2016 07 Social Media as Enabler of Self-care and the Do-it-yourself Movement? Eirik Årsand Miroslav Muzny
2016 06 A Value-based, Digitally Supported, Person-centred Care System - National and International Trends Gro Berntsen
2016 05 Universal Design and Accessibility Halgeir Holthe
2016 04 Wearable technologies and Sensors Miroslav Muzny Eirik Årsand
2016 03 M-health Apps by Numbers Eirik Årsand
2016 02 Digital Services for my Mental Health Deede Gammon
2016 01 Opportunities and Challenges for the use of Video Consultations in Primary Health Services Monika Johansen