Steering Committee

The steering committee for the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research represents all levels and every region in the health service.


The purpose of the steering committee is to ensure that:

  • the centre further develops its expertise and carries out its assignments in research and studies on e-health in line with needs and priorities in the sector. The centre should acquire and build up any required expertise that it does not already have access to. This may take the form of cooperation with other relevant expert groups. This is especially relevant in areas where health authorities have requested expertise and services from the centre through annual objectives documents, award letters or specific requests.
  • the centre continues to develop its national (and international) role in research and studies in the e-health area, and is seen as a useful, relevant and competent resource for the sector.
  • the centre continues to deliver high-quality academic output, support functions and administrative tasks.

Steering committee members

  • Erik M. Hansen, CEO, Western Norway Regional Health ICT (chair of the steering committee)
  • Finn Henry Hansen, Director, Northern Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Siv Mørkved, Professor, Central Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Ulf E. W. Sigurdsen, Director E-health, South-East Norway Regional Health Authority (vara Nis Johannsen)
  • Henrik D. Finsrud, Chief Advisor, Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)
  • Wenche P. Dehli, Director of Health and Social Care, KS/Kristiansand Municipality
  • Anders Grimsmo, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Einar Bugge, Director, Centre for Quality Improvement and Development, University Hospital of North Norway
  • Kirsten Petersen, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Kjetil E. Telle, Director of Health Services Research, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Karl Vestli, Divisional Director, The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth (NDE)
  • Egil Rye-Hytten, User representative
  • Bjørn Astad, Department Director, Ministry of Health and Care Services (observer)
Parts of the Steering Committee gathered in Tromsø in April 2019. From left: Nis Johannsen, Bjørn Astad, Kirsten Petersen, Karl Vestli, Erik Hansen, Egil Rye-Hytten, Einar Bugge, Siv Mørkved, Henrik D. Finsrud, Kjetil E. Telle og Anders Grimsmo. Photo: Randi Laukli.

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20 October 2020