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Norwegian Health Authorities have identified a common objective for the health sector over the next few years: the creation of a health service where the patient is at the centre. The health sector needs to invest significant amounts of money in ICT to develop the envisioned patient-centred health service. To ensure that these funds are used to the greatest public benefit and in the most effective way, there is a need for knowledge to support policy making and strategic work on e-health.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research was created 1st January 2016, with the objective of contributing to a common national ICT solution for health and care services. The new research and assessment centre will collect, produce and communicate knowledge required by the authorities to develop a knowledge-based policy on e-health.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will work with the Norwegian Directorate of E-health and other stakeholders to find the best e-health solutions for the sector.

The centre will be instrumental in achieving the policy objectives outlined in White Paper no. 9 (2012-2013), One citizen - one record:

  • Health professionals should have easy and secure access to patient and user information
  • The public should have access to simple and secure digital services
  • Data should be available for quality improvement, health monitoring, management and research

The research centre receives Government funded grants, and is in return committed to working on projects of national significance and interest. The Norwegian Directorate of E-health has set the centre a number of assignments that are anchored in the National Board for E-health, and thus with those who own and are responsible for health services; local authorities, health trusts and government.

The national assignments are divided into five portfolios:

1. One Citizen - One Record

Research and assessments that are undertaken by the new centre will be relevant to White Paper no. 9: One Citizen – One Record.

Based on the assessment of White Paper no. 9, the centre will lay the foundations for future knowledge creation during 2016. In cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate of E-health, the centre will identify knowledge requirements, devise a plan for research and development activities and contribute to the knowledge acquisition necessary to underpin a new strategy and action plan on e-health.

2. Create insight

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will help to identify, understand and communicate technological trends through mapping and analysing e-health developments both nationally and internationally. The centre will maintain an overview of, and cooperate with relevant environments, expertise and projects all over the country. All research and knowledge will be communicated through ehelse.no, thus becoming part of the sector's common resource base.

3. Impact of digital solutions

The centre will investigate any barriers to the adoption of digital solutions in the health care sector and develop expertise with regard to factors that hinder and promote the implementation of large and complex e-health solutions. The impact of the implementations will be scientifically documented.

4. Personal connected health

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research has considerable experience over many years in the area of welfare technologies, and in this portfolio we will create a summary of the collective knowledge and experience that exists in this area. The assignment follows on from White Paper no. 29 (2012-2013): Future Care.

5. Strategic decision making and planned initiatives

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will collect, produce and communicate knowledge and experience in support of nationally prioritized initiatives on e-health.

Initially, the centre will map various national approaches to health data reuse. The result of this mapping could provide valuable input to the choice of reference architecture and common technical solutions for national health registers.

Moreover, the centre will provide further knowledge about opportunities and challenges associated with the use of ICT solutions that support continuous patient management when patient pathways cut across different treatment sites.

Other assignments

Significant research activities take place at the centre, funded through competitive funding from e.g. The Norwegian Research Council and the EU. This activity will help to underpin the national objectives and ensure that the centre has strong and competitive expertise in areas relevant to the national developments in the field of e-health.

The research spans these strategic areas:

  • The future of patient records
  • Personal health systems and welfare technology
  • Health data analysis
  • Patient pathways and cooperation models

International activity

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is continuing the cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been ongoing within the framework of Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine since 2002. The new centre is a member of the board of EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association) and the HIMSS Governing Council Europe.

Our researchers also have extensive experience of participation in EU projects and in international research networks. In cooperation with the Norwegian Directorate of E-health, the centre will help to facilitate and coordinate Norway's participation on various international arenas.

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25 May 2018

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The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will collect, produce and disseminate knowledge required by the authorities to develop and implement a knowledge-based policy on e-health.

The Ministery of Health and Care Services has stated that the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research should acquire and manage a complete overview of relevant experience and knowledge regarding e-health.