Knowledge for better health services

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will contribute to knowledge-based development in the area of e-health by means of research, collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge.

Our aim is to contribute to a better health service for citizens by means of multidisciplinary research and knowledge sharing. By working with the entire sector, we will achieve the national goal of the patient’s health service.

Our ambition is to be a research centre that is at the forefront nationally and also recognised internationally.

Our vision is: Knowledge for better health services.

Illustration photo of family playing in the forest.
The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will produce research together with other research institutions, disseminate relevant e-health knowledge and deliver research-based knowledge to authorities. The research centre must be of use to the entire health and care sector. Photo: www.colourbox.com

Our most important task is to conduct research together with other specialised environments, nationally and internationally. Our research will be independent and maintain a high ethical standard.
The dissemination of information is a core activity, and we will publish all our research openly and accessibly. We will work to ensure that the information is put to use.
We will use our national role to build networks and collaborate with the sector. Everyone who does research on e-health can be involved in this.

Digital health services

We will conduct research on the national digital health services and find out what conditions and contexts must be in place before services are developed.
While the services are being trialled, we will look at factors that inhibit or promote their use. Finally, we will study the effects and consequences resulting from use of the services.
Digitalisation of the pharmaceutical sector and services made available on Helsenorge.no are important topics.

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Integrated patient pathways

We are studying how digital solutions can pave the way for uniform patient pathways.
Technological, semantic and organisational interaction is challenging in the health service, and we are looking at the electronic health record as a collaboration tool. We investigate how strategies for introduction, standardisation and work processes affect quality.
We are researching prerequisites for and effects of digitalisation, and we want to understand the complex interplay between technology and health services.

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Health data and analysis

We are looking at how health data can be used to predict, detect and treat disease.
Machine learning algorithms and data mining methods are some of the things we are studying. We will develop methods for analysing data and protecting privacy.
A central topic is how the health sector can make use of reliable and sustainable algorithms.

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Personal e-health

We will conduct research on how technology for independence and coping influences healthcare for elderly patients, patients with chronic conditions who require follow-up, disabled people and those who are actively trying to change their lifestyle.

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