Stein Olav Skrøvseth


Stein Olav Skrøvseth, Centre Director. He holds a master and PhD in mathematical physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. In 2008 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sydney in Australia before he in 2009 was employed as a researcher in statistics at the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine. Here he participated and led several research projects within medical statistics, medical image analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition and data analysis. He has published over 30 scientific articles. In 2013-14 he was visiting researcher at IBM Thomas J. Watson research laboratory in New York.

Stein Olav Skrøvseth

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Tel: +47 958 05 841

Title: Centre Director

Department: Management and Staff

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Stein Olav's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Kunnskapsheving Health Analytics 2017 - 2018 Helsedata
Per Atle Bakkevoll
European Telemedicine Conference 2016 2016 - 2016 Eli Kristiansen
Data Driven Decision Support for Clinical Information Systems 2014 - 2017 Health data
Stein Olav Skrøvseth
Economical evaluation of the patient centered health service team 2015 - 2019 Patient pathways
Trine Bergmo

Stein Olav's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
Maximizing Interpretability and Cost-Effectiveness of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Predictive Models Using Feature-Specific Regularized Logistic Regression on Preoperative Temporal Data 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Kunstig intelligens i helsetjenesten -Flere fag må samarbeide om behandlingen 2019 MEDIEBIDRAG
Ja til sekundærbruk av helsedata 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
E-helse: Dette var oppturene og nedturene 2018 MEDIEBIDRAG
Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Distributed Statistical Computation of Health Data 2017 RAPPORT
Hvordan oppnå bedre tjenester i helse- og omsorgssektoren ved hjelp av ny teknologi? 2018 FOREDRAG
Health Analytics 2018 RAPPORT
Health analytics Kunstig intelligens – nye muligheter for helsetjenesten 2018 RAPPORT
Hvordan påvirker den teknologiske endringen lederskapet? 2018 FOREDRAG
Presentasjon av Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning 2018 FOREDRAG
Presentasjon av Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning 2018 FOREDRAG
Big data in medical research and e-health 2018 FOREDRAG
Building Learning Healthcare Systems from big data: Challenges and promises 2018 FOREDRAG
Nye muligheter for helsesektoren 2018 FOREDRAG
Research and industry collaboration potential in H2020 2018 FOREDRAG
Presentasjon av Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning 2017 FOREDRAG
E-helse i nye bygg 2017 FOREDRAG
Presentasjon av Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning 2017 FOREDRAG
Health data analytics 2017 FOREDRAG
Big data is here – from ICT-driven to data driven health care 2017 FOREDRAG
Digitalisering, hva vet vi om den verden som ligger foran og hvordan forberede organisasjonen? 2017 FOREDRAG
Presentasjon av Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskning 2017 FOREDRAG
Does proximity of women to facilities with better choice of contraceptives affect their contraceptive utilization in rural Ethiopia? 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Om E-helse 2017 FOREDRAG
Kan e-helse skape nordisk næringsutvikling? 2017 FOREDRAG
Teknologiens betydning for fremtidens pasientbehandling 2017 FOREDRAG
Opening 2016 FOREDRAG
Using anchors from free text in electronic health records to diagnose postoperative delirium 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Analysis of free text in electronic health records for identification of cancer patient trajectories 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Making sense of changing health landscapes- new demands for research and evaluations 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Learning similarities between irregularly sampled short multivariate time series from EHRs 2016 FOREDRAG
Support vector feature selection for early detection of anastomosis leakage from bag-of-words in electronic health records 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Predicting colorectal surgical complications using heterogeneous clinical data and kernel methods 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Prediction of Surgical Complications using Heterogeneous Clinical Data and Kernel Methods 2015 FOREDRAG
Predicting Postoperative Delirium Using Anchors. 2015 FOREDRAG
From unstructured EHR text to data-driven clinical decision support 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Data-driven Temporal Prediction of Surgical Site Infection 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Using the data we have - what could possibly go wrong? 2015 FOREDRAG
Improved Skin Lesion Diagnostics for General Practice by Computer-Aided Diagnostics 2015 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Quantifying the Utility of Medical Tests using Longitudinal EHR data 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Data-driven approach for assessing utility of medical tests using electronic medical records 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Data-driven personalized feedback to patients with Type 1 Diabetes: A randomized trial 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Utilizing data gathered through mobile apps for self-management of type 1 diabetes 2014 FOREDRAG
Data-driven medical test utility and visualization 2014 FOREDRAG
Feature selection using Kernel Component Analysis For Early Detection Of Anastomosis Leakage 2014 FOREDRAG
Hva er ”Big Data” innen medisin, og kan det bidra til bedre pasientsikkerhet? 2014 FOREDRAG
Data-driven analytics for decision support 2014 FOREDRAG
Quantifying the Utility of Medical Tests using Longitudinal EHR data 2014 FOREDRAG
Detecting Novel Associations for Surgical Hospital Readmissions in Large Datasets by Interactive Visual Analytics 2014 FOREDRAG
Bootstrap resampling feature selection and Support Vector Machine for early detection of Anastomosis Leakage 2014 FOREDRAG
Implementation of an electronic surgical referral service. Collaboration, consensus and cost of the surgeon – general practitioner Delphi approach 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Consistency and Standardization of Color in Medical Imaging: a Consensus Report 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Mobile Patient Applications within Diabetes - from Few and Easy to Advanced Functionalities 2013 FOREDRAG
A semiautomatic tool for prostate segmentation in radiotherapy treatment planning 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
The Snow system – a distributed medical data processing system 2013 FOREDRAG
The Snow communicable disease outbreak detection approach 2013 FOREDRAG
Performance of a dermoscopy-based computer vision system for the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions compared with visual evaluation by experienced dermatologists 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Power law approximations of movement network data for modeling infectious disease spread 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Design of an Advanced Mobile Diabetes Diary Based on a Prospective 6-month Study Involving People with Type 1 Diabetes 2013 FOREDRAG
Mobile Patient Applications within Diabetes - from Few and Easy to Advanced Functionalities 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Utilization of self-gathered patient data in a mobile-phone-based feedback system for patients with type 1 diabetes 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Model-driven diabetes care: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Design of an advanced mobile diabetes diary based on a prospective 6-month study involving people with type 1 diabetes 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Long-Term Engagement With a Mobile Self-Management System for People With Type 2 Diabetes 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Cost-effectiveness and quality of life in surgeon versus general practitioner-organised colon cancer surveillance: a randomised controlled trial 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Fremtidens legesjekk er en regneoperasjon 2013 MEDIEBIDRAG
What answers can pattern recognition give in patient pathways research? 2012 FOREDRAG
Non-inferiority studies: How, and why? 2012 FOREDRAG
Mathematics and Statistics in TTL 2012 FOREDRAG
Computer aided diagnosis of malignant melanoma using dermatoscopic images 2012 FOREDRAG
Modeling the spread of infectious diseases by Gaussian Markov Random Fields as a tool for medical decision making 2012 FOREDRAG
Causality in Scale Space as an Approach to Change Detection 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Scale-Space Methods for Live Processing of Sensor Data 2012 FOREDRAG
Model driven mobile care for patients with type 1 diabetes 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Scale-Space Methods for Live Processing of Sensor Data 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Mobile Phone-Based Pattern Recognition and Data Analysis for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Using Noninferiority Tests to Evaluate Telemedicine and E-Health Services: Systematic Review 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Mobile Health Applications to Assist Patients with Diabetes: Lessons Learned and Design Implications 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Spatio-temporal modeling of communicable diseases: A case study of North Norway 2012 FOREDRAG
Effects and Feedback from 30 Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes, Using a Mobile Diabetes Diary: The Few Touch Application 2012 FOREDRAG
Smittemeteorologene vet hvor influensaen sprer seg 2012 MEDIEBIDRAG
Personalized Mobile Phone-based Tools for Type 1 Diabetes 2011 FOREDRAG
Bayesian multiscale analysis of images modeled as Gaussian Markov random fields 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Automatic learning of spatial patterns for diagnosis of skin lesions 2010 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Automatic Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images by Iterative Classification 2011 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Spatio-temporal modeling and outbreak detection of infectious diseases in northern Norway 2011 FOREDRAG
Spatio-temporal Modelling and Outbreak Detection of Infectious Diseases in Northern Norway 2011 FOREDRAG
Scale Space Methods for Analysis of Type 2 Diabetes Patients' Blood Glucose Values 2011 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Mobile Diabetes Self-Management Tools –What’s the Role of Clinicians? 2011 FOREDRAG
A computer aided diagnostic system for malignant melanomas 2010 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Digital Monitoring of Changes in Skin Lesions 2010 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Digital Monitoring of Changes in Skin Lesions 2010 FOREDRAG
Statistical applications in shape analysis 2010 FOREDRAG
The role of statistics in shape analysis 2010 FOREDRAG
Entanglement used to identify critical systems 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Entanglement in bosonic systems 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Entanglement properties of quantum spin chains 2006 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Thermalization through unitary evolution of pure states 2006 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Phase transitions and localizable entanglement in cluster-state spin chains with Ising couplings and local fields 2009 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Entanglement and Its Applications in Systems with Many Degrees of Freedom 2006 RAPPORT
Doktoren svarer 2006 MEDIEBIDRAG
Quantum Computation in Perturbed Cluster States 2008 FOREDRAG
Quantum Phase Transistions in Cluster Chains 2008 FOREDRAG
Entanglement signatures in critical quantum systems 2005 FOREDRAG
Statistical modeling of aggregated lifestyle and blood glucose data in type 1 diabetes patients 2010 BOK

Stein Olav's project reports

Report no. Title Author(s)
2018 04 Health Analytics Alexandra Makhlysheva, Andrius Budrionis, Taridzo Chomutare, Anne Torill Nordsletta, Per Atle Bakkevoll, Torje Dahle Henriksen, Joseph Stephen Hurley, Johan Gustav Bellika, Håvard Blixgård, Fred Godtliebsen, Stein Olav Skrøvseth, Terje Solvoll, Line Helen Linstad
2018 03 Health analytics: Kunstig intelligens–nye muligheter for helsetjenesten Per Atle Bakkevoll, Alexandra Makhlysheva, Andrius Budrionis, Taridzo Chomutare, Line Helen Linstad, Anne Torill Nordsletta, Fred Godtliebsen, Johan Gustav Bellika, Stein Olav Skrøvseth, Terje Solvoll, Torje Dahle Henriksen, Joseph Stephen Hurley, Håvard Blixgård