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New European network for better data and digital health innovation

Reliable health information is essential for delivering high-quality healthcare and promoting digital health. World Health Organisation (WHO) has now launched a strategic partner network for data and digital health. The aim is to close critical security gaps in health systems. The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research contributes with our research in the network.


Helsedata er vanskelig tilgjengelig for brukerne

De som bruker helseapper og medisinsk utstyr, blir ofte frustrert over strenge personvernregler. – Teknologien gir økt livskvalitet, men kravene hemmer datadeling og en enklere hverdag, sier forsker.


Patient safety and collaboration - Experiences with patient's medication list (PLL)

PLL has been piloted in Bergen for the past few years. How have GPs and hospital staff experienced the changes PLL has brought?


Artificial intelligence for everyone

In strong contrast to how multinational corporations handle artificial intelligence (AI), the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research wants to democratize the use, management and development of AI.


How will artifical intelligence change our health services?

With increasingly advanced technologies and algorithms, healthcare is on the cusp of a revolution that could improve diagnosis, treatment and patient care in ways we can barely imagine. How will this shape the future of healthcare, and what preparations do we need to make to integrate these technologies responsibly and effectively?


Your new digital health partner - The chatbot that will fight inactivity

In a world where obesity is a growing challenge, researchers are seeking innovative solutions to motivate physical activity. A new Norwegian study shows how a tailored chatbot can become the ultimate supporter for adults fighting obesity, offering personalized motivation and integration with modern technology.


Better collaboration about medications in the future

Medicines are an essential part of our healthcare system, but are also prone to discrepancies due to poor communication between specialised systems.

Watch the webinar on the way forward for shared basic pharmaceutical data.


Half of those who had received mental health care found errors and omissions in their medical records

Physician and advisor Bo Wang and her colleagues want to raise awareness among both healthcare professionals and citizens. - We need a better understanding that the language in patient records meets several needs.


Together we fight the late effects of cancer among adolescents!

Cancer among young people is heartbreaking, and with the late effects of treatment, the disease is not over, even if the cancer is gone.


How to manage change and achieve digital remote care?

How can a municipality go about changing work practices and successfully follow up people with chronic diseases in their own homes?

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