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Evaluating diabetes self-help tools

Posted 02.14.2018

There is an increasing amount of self-help tools among people with diabetes. They use apps, social media and various cloud-based solutions to cope. Now, e-health researchers will make guidelines for evaluating the apps and online resources they use.

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Conference on OpenEHR

Posted 01.18.2018

E-health Research host the 2nd Arctic Conference on OpenEHR and Archetype-based clinical Information Systems, on January 18-19, 2018. During these two days, international members of the OpenEHR-community share their ideas and experiences.

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Norge – en stormakt innen helseteknologi

Posted 11.28.2017

Hvis næringsliv, forskning og det offentlige Norge klarer å samarbeide like godt som i oljeindustrien, kan vi utvikle verdensledende digitale helseløsninger. Dette, og mye mer, skriver Gunnar Hartvigsen om i en kronikk i Nordlys.

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Norwegian eczema-site goes global

Posted 11.10.2017

Itching and scratching keep many people awake at night. Atopic eczema affects one in five children and many adults. Now, the self-help website has gotten a facelift and gone global, with information in English and Chinese.

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