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Drug accounting on your mobile

Accounting for A- and B-preparations on paper has many opportunities for errors. Everything from illegible handwriting, incomplete filling, calculation errors and document forgery can occur. These errors can be avoided by using the NarKontroll app on the hospital's mobile phones!

Watch the webinar about NarKontroll - an app for drug accounting developed by Østfold Hospital.


Do we work smarter with digital remote care?

Over time, Vestre Viken Health Trust has developed a simple benefit model with four standard indicators for measuring the effects of digital home follow-up. Why have they done this, what does the model look like and how can you transfer the thinking behind it to measuring benefits in your own municipality or hospital?


How to find motivation to exercise

Researchers have investigated how digital tools can contribute to good and lasting exercise habits and lifestyle changes.


The future of e-health: A Nordic perspective from Oslo

This week, Oslo has been the venue for "eHealth 2024", a conference that this year has focused on the Nordic region in a joint effort to shape the future of e-health. These have been days filled with insights and visions, in which researchers from the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research have participated as part of a broader commitment from the Nordic e-health research network (NeRN).


Ethically sound artificial intelligence

How do we know what artificial intelligence is suitable for, and who benefits most from it?

We have investigated ethical principles for good artificial intelligence.


Can social media be used to encourage more people to get vaccinated?

Many of us have done it - gone onto social media to search for groups and forums that can provide us with information on various topics we care about. A quick search on Facebook for the word "vaccine" brings up several different groups of people discussing different vaccines.


National Health and Care Coordination Plan - new framework for digital home follow-up

What does the new National Health and Care Coordination Plan have to say about digitalisation in health and care services and digital home follow-up?


Cross-border health data sharing - are we ready for it?

How ready are Northern Norway, Northern Sweden and Northern Finland for the introduction of the EU's health data sharing policy, the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation?


Artificial intelligence and equitable health services

What is it like to be a doctor and patient in rural areas?

We've looked at ultrasound examinations as an example of how artificial intelligence can contribute to equitable healthcare, no matter where you live.


Et sykehjems erfaring med digitale hjelpemidler for legemiddelhåndtering

Sykehjemmet i Bindal kommune har fått et legemiddelkabinett og flere -traller. På webinaret 8. mars vil de dele noen tanker om tidsbesparelse, kvalitet og sikkerhet. Velkommen!

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