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How to manage change and achieve digital remote care?

How can a municipality go about changing work practices and successfully follow up people with chronic diseases in their own homes?


A New Boost for Health Technology

Several large digitalization and technology projects in healthcare have faced setbacks. Now, there is optimism around smaller projects and incremental changes.


Visitors in our patients’ lives

“We are visitors in our patients’ lives. We need to be humble and earn their trust. Their trust allows us to collaborate on their terms to create better health.” That's how Professor Gro Berntsen describes a health service that is person-centred, holistic, and proactive.


What were we researching in 2023?

Here you can read about some of the exciting things e-health researchers were involved in in 2023.


Health technology must provide other ways of working

Technology can help save the healthcare sector, but it must be used to organize work in new ways.


EU: How will we know which eHealth solutions are good?

Technological development is moving at an incredible pace. New solutions are constantly coming onto the market. What was good yesterday is outdated today. How should we navigate this jungle? Those who choose and buy healthcare solutions need something to lean on.


- Can't understand how they did it before

Technology is transforming health and care. This will increasingly affect healthcare professionals, patients and relatives in the time to come, but there are still gaps in knowledge.


Mobilizing research partners in AI Democratization for All

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is hosting an event for everyone who is interested in implementing artificial intelligence and would like to apply for the AI Billion.


Do video consultations improve wound care?

From research to new practice!

After conducting a study on videoconferencing in wound care, four healthcare organisations have adapted their digital service offering. What did they learn, and what benefit indicators are they using?


Diagnostics in radiology get a boost from artificial intelligence

In the years to come, Norwegian hospitals will be using more decision support tools built on artificial intelligence. Clinical research shows the way for how we can train the tools to be the best possible, as well as to learn from their mistakes and improve over time.

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