Drug accounting on your mobile

Accounting for A- and B-preparations on paper has many opportunities for errors. Everything from illegible handwriting, incomplete filling, calculation errors and document forgery can occur. These errors can be avoided by using the NarKontroll app on the hospital's mobile phones!

Watch the webinar about NarKontroll - an app for drug accounting developed by Østfold Hospital.

Webinar: Drug accounting on your mobile
Østfold Hospital is developing an electronic drug accounting app for roll-based mobiles.
One of the most incredible things that we hadn't dared to hope for is that many people say that drug checking saves time. We hadn't imagined that anything could be faster than writing a line on a sheet of paper.

There are strict requirements for the registration of A and B drugs. The NarKontroll app makes

  • sure that requirements for accounting and double authentication are met.
  • documentation secure and traceable by time, patient, drug and user.
  • sure that scanning increases the security of the logs.

What's more, the app never miscalculates! It is used to document inventory control and different categories of transactions in and out of the accounts.

Watch the webinar to find out how nurses, carers and hospital pharmacy staff use the app on a daily basis, as well as plans for further development.

Presentation by section director Hanne-Guro Gellein Berg, project owner Saxe Dingstad and developer Glenn-David Lind from Østfold Hospital.


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