Department for Digital Health Services

We will conduct research on the national digital health services and find out what conditions and contexts must be in place before services are developed. While the services are being trialled, we will look at factors that inhibit or promote their use. Finally, we will study the effects and consequences resulting from use of the services. Digitalisation of the pharmaceutical sector and services made available on are important topics.

Services for health professionals

Patient medical records will be the tool of interaction and e-health in the future. Medical records will enable information to be shared between health personnel responsible for the patient, and patients and health personnel will also be able to share data and communicate. In addition, patients will have the opportunity to report data themselves and inspect data in their own medical records.


Through a multidisciplinary approach and to support the objectives of ‘One Citizen - One Record’, research shall gather information on the effects and issues that promote or prevent the use of new solutions, services, processes and clinical decision support. Furthermore, research shall provide information about the appropriate organisation, systematisation, structuring, sharing and data security in ICT systems.

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29 November 2021

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