Integrated healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions (iHAC)


iHAC is a collaboration between the Nordic countries governments and their agents and authorities. This project is managed by Nordic Welfare Centre, Region Västerbotten, and Centre for Rural Medicine. The Norwegian Centre E-health Research is a partner in this project.


Working to make healthcare and social care more accessible in rural areas of the Nordic regions through digital distance spanning solutions and service integration. This will be achieved by a shift to digital healthcare, which iHAC hopes to speed up by doing the following: Sharing the best practices, providing inspiration, and supporting service integration between healthcare and care. iHAC is also part of the Nordic Vision 2030, which aims to make the Nordic region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.


We are using the knowledge base built up within the Nordic priority project entitled Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions (VOPD), 2018–2021, the priority project forming part of the Swedish presidency programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers, which the Norwegian Centre for E-health Reserearch has also contributed to.

The mapping and theoretical aspects of the first deliverable of iHAC is based on the perspective of governance and co-management. Here, the Norwegian Centre for E-health Reserearch has collaborated with iHac management, and contributed with a theoretical introduction on how governance and co-management has been implemented by five regions throughout the Nordic countries.


The report, Integrated Healthcare and Care through distance spanning solutions – for increased service accessibility (nordicwelfare.org) was launched in September 2022.

Five different Nordic regions are presented, in this publication, which provides integrated Healthcare and Social Care services through co-governance. The publication starts with a theoretical framework on governance, written by the Norwegian Centre for E-health Reserach.