The patients medication list and summary care record in nursing homes and home based care


Action research on introducing the summary care record and the digital patient's medication list in nursing homes and home based care.

The overall objective of this project is to produce research-based knowledge of experiences and effects of the introduction of the summary care record and the patients medication list in the municipal health and care sector. The project will focus on experiences and effects for health professionals and users in nursing homes and home based care before, during and after the introduction. This includes their interaction with GPs, pharmacists, other health care actors, patients and relatives. The further development of the summary care record to include the patient's medical list, while providing direct access to employees with treatment responsibilities in nursing homes and home based care, is expected to lead to major changes in the performance of the services and to patient safety and quality.


  • A summary of excisting literature on digital solutions for medication management
  • Investigate patient safety and quality before, during and after the implementation of summary care record and patient medication list
  • Investigate the efficiency in patient related work
  • Map health professionals work practice
  • Investigate health professionals interaction within the different sectors of the municipalities health and care sector
  • Investigate what factors (positive and negative) that contributes to health professionals use of the summary care record and the patients medication list
  • Investigate patient and caregiver experiences and possible benefits of their access to health information and medication management

Project manager

Unn Manskow Unn Manskow

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Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet


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Project period

2018 - 2023

Last updated

4 April 2019