Evaluation of Electronic Multidose Drug Dispencing (eMD) 2017-2021


This is the continuation of the project "Evaluation of the Electronic Multidose Drug Dispensing pilot in the Rogaland County 2014-2016".


  1. Identify experiences with the introduction of eMD, the impacts the solution has on the health personnel and promote knowledge about how best to introduce eMD nationally.
  2. Analyse changes in patient drug treatment over time by replacing paper with electronic prescribing of multidose drug dispensing.
    1. Identify patient safety by measuring discrepancy between medication lists before and after the introduction of eMD.
    2. Analyse if the quality of drug treatment for multidose users improve with eMD compared to paper prescribing.
    3. Explore if work practice, roles, responsibilities, and communication patterns for healthcare professionals change with eMD.