Trine Strand Bergmo


Trine Strand Bergmo is a senior researcher at the centre. She holds a PhD from the University of Oslo. Bergmo is involved in a number of research projects in the e-health field. Her main area of expertise is health service research, including health economic evaluations, systematic reviews, and decision modelling. Topics of interest is evaluation of new models for cooperation with a focus on e-health interventions and digital patient services. 

Trine Bergmo

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Tel: +47 480 03 565

Title: Senior Researcher

Department: Digital Health Services

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Trine's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Evaluation of Electronic Multidose Drug Dispencing (eMD) 2017-2021 2017 - 2020 Services for health professionals
Trine Bergmo
Evaluation of the Electronic Multidose Drug Dispensing pilot in Rogaland County 2014-2016 2016 - 2017 Pasientforløp
Trine Bergmo
Economical evaluation of the patient centered health service team 2015 - 2019 Patient pathways
Trine Bergmo
PACT I and II 2015 - 2018 Patient pathways
Gro Berntsen
Methods to evaluate the effects of digital health services for citizens 2016 - 2017 Paolo Zanaboni

Trine's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
Digital solutions for a shared medication list - A narrative literature review 2019 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Person-centred, integrated and pro-active care for multi-morbid elderly with advanced care needs: A propensity score-matched controlled trial 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Overgang til eMultidose 2019 FOREDRAG
Erfaring med multidose 2019 FOREDRAG
Pharmacist interventions on multidose drug dispensing prescriptions 2019 FOREDRAG
Cost-Effectiveness of Telemedicine in Remote Orthopedic Consultations: Randomized Controlled Trial 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Quality of prescribing for Norwegian elderly patients using automated multidose dispensed drugs 2018 FOREDRAG
Clinical videoconferencing as ehealth: A critical-realist review and qualitative meta-synthesis 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling - Beskrivelse av tidsbruk og arbeidsoppgaver blant fastleger 2018 RAPPORT
Fra papir til elektronisk ordinering av multidose 2018 INFORMASJONSMATR
Methods to Evaluate the Effects of Internet-Based Digital Health Interventions for Citizens: Systematic Review of Reviews 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Riktigere legemiddellister med multidose i e-resept 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Telemonitoring in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chromed) a randomized clinical trial 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
E-multidose er bedre for pasientsikkerheten enn dosett og faks 2018 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Lukket legemiddelsløyfe i hele pasientforløpet. 2017 FOREDRAG
Multidose i e-resept 2017 FOREDRAG
Impact of Patient Accessible EHRs – An Interactive Workshop to Share Experiences and Explore Evaluation Approaches 2017 FOREDRAG
Person-centered, cross organizational and multiprofessional team halves mortality risk. The PAtient Centered Care Team (PACT) Study – Preliminary results from a comparative effectiveness study 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Multidose i e-resept 2018 RAPPORT
Effekter av digitale innbyggertjenester 2017 RAPPORT
Multidose i e-resept Erfaringer fra bruk av e-multidose i pilotkommuner 2016 RAPPORT
How to Measure Costs and Benefits of E-health Interventions? 2016 FOREDRAG
Oversikt over tallmateriale og kartlegginger på e-helse i Norge 2016 RAPPORT
Kunnskapsoppsummering - Erfaring med multidose med fokus på de skandinaviske landene 2016 RAPPORT
Patient-Centred Healthcare Team Work Practice, Experiences, and Estimated Benefits 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Randomised controlled trial of telemonitoring with addition of daily forced oscillation in older people with COPD and co-morbidity 2016 FOREDRAG
Evaluation of a Context-Specific Communication System Based on Smartphones. A field study of use and nurses’ expectations 2016 BOKRAPPORTDEL
eTELEMED 2016, The Eighth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine and Social Medicine 2016 BOK
PASIENTSENTRERT HELSETJENESTETEAM – en samarbeidsmodell mellom kommune og helseforetak 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Evaluation of a Context Specific Communcation System Based on Smartphone. Nurses Use and Experiences 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Re: Telemedisin bringer spesialisthelsetjenesten hjem til pasienten 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the PAtient-Centred Team (PACT) model: protocol of a prospective matched control before and after study 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
How to Measure Costs and Benefits of E-health Interventions; an Overview of Methods and Frameworks 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
An Economic Model of Remote Specialist Consultations using Videoconferencing 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Vill bruk av stillbildehenvisninger være kostnadsbesparende? 2000 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
A tele-obstetric broadband service including ultrasound, videoconferencing and cardiotocogram. A high cost and a low volume of patients 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
An economic analysis of teleradiology versus a visiting radiologist service 1996 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
An economic analysis of teleconsultation in otorhinolaryngology 1997 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
A cost-minimization analysis of a realtime teledermatology service in northern Norway 2000 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Can economic evaluation in telemedicine be trusted? A systematic review of the literature 2009 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Using QALYs in telehealth evaluations: a systematic review of methodology and transparency 2014 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Economic Impact of Remote Specialist Consultations Using Videoconferencing: an Economic Model Based on Data From Randomised Controlled Trials 2014 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Low-Intensity Self-Management Intervention for Persons With Type 2 Diabetes Using a Mobile Phone-Based Diabetes Diary, With and Without Health Counseling and Motivational Interviewing: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial 2013 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Electronic Messaging in Primary Care – Reporting from an Implementation and Evaluation Project in Northern Norway 2013 BOKRAPPORTDEL
Approaches to economic evaluation in telemedicine 2012 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Telemedicine: measuring effects and patient preferences 2011 RAPPORT
Economic evaluation in telemedicine - still room for improvement 2010 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Patients' willingness to pay for electronic communication with their general practitioner 2007 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Adherence in Internet-based interventions 2008 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Web-based consultations for parents of children with atopic dermatitis: results of a randomized controlled trial 2009 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Er overføring av hjertebilyder via e-post kostnadsbesparende? 2004 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Telemedicine in radiotherapy: A study exploring remote treatment planning, supervision and economics 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Electronic patient-provider communication: Will it offset office visits and telephone consultations in primary care? 2005 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Videoconferencing in psychiatry. A survey of use in northern Norway 1996 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Nettbasert pasientinformasjonssystem. Hovedrapport fra Elviraprosjektet 2001 RAPPORT

Trine's project reports

Report no. Title Author(s)
2018 05 Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen, Line Silsand, Gunn-Hilde Rotvold, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Anne Granstrøm Ekeland, Eli Kristiansen, Trine Bergmo, Rune Pedersen, Inger Marie Holm, Halgeir Holthe
2018 06 Multidose i e-resept: Sluttrapport Trine Bergmo, Elin Johnsen, Monika Johansen, Anette Vik Jøsendal, Nils Kolstrup
2016 08 Multidose i e-resept: Erfaringer fra bruk av e-multidose i pilotkommuner Trine Bergmo, Elin Johnsen, Monika Johansen, Anette Vik Jøsendal, Nils Kolstrup
2017 02 Effekter av digitale innbyggertjenester Paolo Zanaboni, Thomas Roger Schopf, Trine Bergmo, Monika Johansen, Nils Kolstrup, Elin Johnsen
2016 04 Knowledge summary - Experience with multidose focusing on the Scandinavian countries Trine Bergmo, Monika Johansen, Elin Johnsen, Nils Kolstrup, Anette Vik Jøsendal
2016 01 Oversikt over tallmateriale og kartlegginger på e-helse i Norge - delrapport i utredning av nasjonal e-helse monitor Trine Bergmo, Rune Pedersen, Hege Andreassen, Inger Marie Holm

Trine's fact sheets

Fact sheet no Title Contact
2018 08 Fra papir til elektronisk ordinering av multidose Trine Bergmo Elin Johnsen