Evaluation of the Electronic Multidose Drug Dispensing pilot in Rogaland County 2014-2016


In line with the original plans, the evaluation and recommendation for 2016 was implemented in three phases. Three interim reports have been written describing the implementation and results for each of the three phases.

The three phases and associated focus are as follows:

  1. Produce an overview of experiences with e-multidose with a particular focus on the Scandinavian countries. The mapping will focus specifically on experiences with electronic multidose from Sweden. A systematic comparison of use between Norway and Sweden was made, which included similarities, differences and consequences of these.
  2. Survey patient safety by measuring deviations in the current medication list (LIB) between the regular general practitioner and pharmacy. Data on LIB deviations were obtained from the pilot municipalities.
  3. Document experiences with the use of e-multidose in the pilot municipalities, and propose measures for improvements. Interviews were conducted with users in the pilot municipalities.


The aim of the project is to gain knowledge of positive profit and possible unintended negative effects of the new electronic solution, compared to the currently existing paper-based solution. It is also a goal to gain knowledge about how the solution can best be implemented nationally based on the pilot experience.


Research-based evaluation of the pilot project with an electronic solution for multidose in e-prescription.


The project was completed in the autumn of 2016. The results are published in three interim reports, and summarised in a final report. The results of two of the reports will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Project manager

Project participant

External project participants

  • Annete Vik Jøsendal, Apotek 1
  • Nils Kolstrup
  • Elin Johnsen


  • Ministry of Health and Care Services



Project period

2016 - 2017

Last updated

31 March 2020