Economical evaluation of the patient centered health service team


This project is a part of a greater research project that will evaluate use of the patient centered health service team (PSHT). The patient center ed team is being established as a part of an ordinary offers to the elderly patients with connected and/or chronic diseases at UNN Tromsø and UNN Harstad. The teams are composited interdisciplinary (doctors, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists) and is comprised of both employees at UNN and the municipal health service. The intentions with the patient centered health service team is to develop a better and more extensive offer to elderly patients and reduce cost. The health service team will be mobile, work in the patient center and have a proactive relationship with patients and their relatives.


The goal with the project is to find out if PSHT is cost effective. The economic gains when organizing the offers to the elderly as dedicated teamwork exceeds the expenses.


The economical evaluation will compare cost and health effects (quality adjusted life years) for the patients that get the offers and the patients that doesn't get the offers. The study will use a controlled before and after design and control that the patients get recruited from the hospital in Narvik and Bodø. Sex, age and number of chronic diagnoses will be used to match the control patients to the patients in the intervention group. The aim is to include 600 patients in each group. The effects will be measured at startup, 6 and 12 months after the patients have been included in the study. Including of patients will begin August 2015.

Project manager

Project participants

External project participants

  • Markus Rumpsfeld, Medisinsk klinikk UNN
  • Monika Dalbakk, Medisinsk klinikk UNN
  • Jan Abel Olsen, UiT Norges arktiske universitet
  • Kasper Jurgen, UiT Norges arktiske universitet
  • Lars Kayser, Universitetet i København, Danmark
  • Klaus Phanareth, Universitetet i København, Danmark


  • Northern Norway Regional Health Authority


Patient pathways

Project period

2015 - 2021

Last updated

21 April 2021