Supporting FACT teams through ICT in rural Norwegian areas


FACT (Flexible Assertive Community Treatment) teams give holistic, community-based care to people with long term mental illnesses. Still, the teams struggle with ICT solutions that do not meet their demands. There is a need for an ICT solution for FACT teams that lets them communicate within the team and other partners, share information within the team and access relevant information from the patients’ electronic health record.

This project is a part of the project Flexible Assertive Community Treatment – a model for comprehensive and integrated services for persons with severe mental illness and substance use disorders. The focus of this project is to look at how a binding collaborating model between specialist and local services, namely FACT, works and can be adapted to a Norwegian context.


We will describe how a future ICT solution for FACT teams in rural areas off Norway should be designed to meet the teams’ needs and how you ensure a successful implementation of the solution.


We will be doing observations and interviews in rural FACT-teams in Norway. Based on the data gathered we will make a requirement specification for the ICT solutions. We will make prototypes, where we demonstrate how the requirements can be implemented. These prototypes will be refined after user feedback, in an iterative fashion.

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