HEIR – A secure Healthcare Environment for Informatics Resilience.


Informatics resilience in this project can be defined as the procedures to reduce vulnerabilities affecting electronic medical devices (EMD), network and systems through the identification of threats at several levels (multi-layered vulnerabilities assessment). The project will address medical cybersecurity management from a supervisory level (above institutional and national level), take into consideration multiple regulations (GDPR, ENISA, ...) and relates to global threats.

NSE and NOKLUS in Norway are one of four complementary “end users” (see partner list) with leading roles in the health domain. The healthcare institutions will validate, demonstrate, and carry out experimental evaluation of the proposed framework on four real-world diverse health pilots in medical environments. NSE’s pilot will test HEIR security related to data exchange between diabetes patients, health data registry (NOKLUS), researchers and clinicians.


HEIR aims to boost the overall level of digital health security in Europe by establishing a network for good security practice in all regulatory frameworks. The project seeks to raise awareness regarding cybersecurity related to EMD, facilitate collaboration and standardization of risk assessment, and to develop a knowledge-based system for healthcare cybersecurity.


  • Real time intelligent threat hunting services (advanced machine learning technologies and acknowledged methodology)
  • Reliable medical data sharing (HEIR privacy framework)
  • Innovative reference guidelines (based on calculation)
  • Delivering an observatory for security of EMD (HEIR observatory)
  • Execute real-world trials to define demonstration protocol.