Gravitate Health


The project will create digital solutions that provide better access to information about one's own health and medicines, as well as strengthen information understanding to ensure safer drug use. This will reduce the risk of errors in drug use, and strengthen the quality of life of patients in Europe.

40 partners in 15 countries from civil society, academia and industry, will work together to develop new, user-focused digital tools, so that the population has access to quality-assured and relevant information about the medicines they take.

The central premise of Gravitate-Health is that understandable, relevant, concrete and knowledge-based health information must be tailored to the individual's needs, health competence and state of health. This will support the individual in following up their own health and ensure optimal results of medical treatment.

Gravitate-Health is a unique public-private partnership led by the University of Oslo as a public player and Pfizer as a player from the industry.

The project is funded by Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking, project 945334. IMI receives support from the EU's research and innovation program Horizon 2020 and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations [EFPIA]. The total budget is € 18.6 million - equivalent to NOK 200 million, over a period of 60 months.

Budget: 18, 5 million euros
: University of Oslo, Professor Anne Moen
Project leader
: Pfizer Ltd, Dr. Giovanna Ferrari
Mer informasjon: https://www.med.uio.no/helsam/...


The project's goal is to ensure patients' access to use relevant digital health information. These tools will help to make them safer, active and involved in their own treatment, and encourage the safe use of medicines for a high quality of life and a good effect of the medicines.


Gravitate-Health will help address these challenges by developing and testing an integrated, digital, user-centric health information solution, which will improve the availability and understanding of health information from a set of trusted sources. Gravitate-Health is based on officially approved drug information and critical information from the Electronic Health Record International Patient Summary (EHR-IPS). The result will be an open source digital platform that supports the focus and facilitation features (G-Lens) to be developed. The project will also result in a recommendation to European authorities on realistic strategies and measures that will strengthen access, understanding and future use of digital services such as electronic drug product information (ePI) as a tool for promoting good drug use.

By developing electronic tools to improve access to information on medicines for patients and healthcare professionals, Gravitate-Health meets its objectives in the recommendations of the European Commission (COM (2017) 135 final) and the European Medicines Agency's subsequent action plan to improve product information for EU (EMA / 680018/2017).