Implementation of Welfare Technology - Phd-study


The project will explore what happens in the municipal health service when a national program initiative in Welfare Technology (WFT) is introduced. The ambition is to contribute more insight and increased understanding of the complexity in the introduction of WFT.

The Norwegian Welfare Technology Program (NVP) has developed a set of instruments to strengthen the municipalities' implementation capacity related to digitalisation in the health and care sector in Norway. Over 70% of Norwegian municipalities have ongoing projects that include end users (elderly clients, patients with chronic disorders and people with disabilities, and their informal caregivers) and professional users.

Digital transformation involves countless actors who must interact to achieve better health services for the population. Through a qualitative research process, this project will provide insight to the implementation process in the municipalities.


The overall goal for this project is to look more closely at what happens when WFT is to be introduced in the municipal health service and which factors come into play.

The study has 3 underlying research questions:

  1. What do the municipalities focus on in the introduction of WFT and how is the introduction process arranged?
  2. What happens in practice when WFT is to be introduced?
  3. What are the inhibiting and promoting factors in the introduction of WFT in the municipal health service?


To answer the research questions, two methodological approaches will be used; document studies and interviews with a strategic selection of representatives from various municipalities. If it proves appropriate to answer the project's research questions, it will also be considered to conduct interviews with actors at the government level who are involved in NVP.


The study will provide increased insight related to the introduction of technology in complex organizations such as the health and care services in the municipalities and make useful contributions to a growing research area within e-health.