Lightweight&Heavyweight - How to combine a open heawyweight platform based EHR with a lightweight IT solution like an app


Lightweight & heavyweight is an evaluation project related to the introduction of the Medanets app and DIPS Arena EPR in Nordlandssykehuset (NLSH). The aim is to answer how to achieve a socio-technical interplay between a heavyweight EHR platform and the use of lightweight technology.

DIPS Arena has been developed in line with the openEHR architecture. In principle, the openEHR architecture will enable other suppliers to develop lightweight IT like Apps, based on openEHR that can be integrated with DIPS Arena and provide a semantic interoperable infrastructure that is important for increased patient safety and quality in treatment and care.

At the same time, there is a lack of knowledge about this form of sematic infrastructures and the opportunities and challenges that come from such technical integration.

In collaboration with Nordlandsykehuset (NLSH), the project will establish an evaluation framework for the introduction and evaluation of clinical ICT systems based on the "Nonadoption, Abandonment, Scale-Up, Spread, and Sustainability of Health and Care Technologies" framework by Trisha Greenhalgh et al.


The goal is to produce knowledge about opportunities and challenges in the socio-technical interaction when lightweight technology (Medanet's App) is to be integrated with a new open heavyweight platform (DIPS Arena). The goal supports Helse Nord's strategic management goals, based on "One citizen one journal".

The research question is:

What sociotechnical opportunities and challenges can one experience by combining the use of heavyweight and lighweight IT solutions in healthcare?


The project is a qualitative evaluation study in which we use the introduction of Medanets and the implementation of DIPS Arena in NLSH as the empirical case. Data is collected through semi-structured interviews in two different phases; of clinical personnel, managers and representatives from the vendors. An observational study will also be carried out in NLSH if the Covid-19 situation permits it.


The project is in continuous dialogue with representatives from NLSH to bring back knowledge about the opportunities and challenges identified to the clinical practice.

The project works together with key representatives from NLSH to create an evaluation framework that is practice-oriented and can be used in new introductory projects

The project produces scientific knowledge about socio-technical opportunities and challenges when integrating lightweight IT with an openEHR platform.