Gro-Hilde Severinsen


Gro-Hilde Severinsen, PhD fellow in e-health, is a bio engineering graduate and holds a master in telemedicine and e-health. In her doctoral thesis, she follows regional and national standardization processes that are important prerequisites for the development and implementation of DIPS Arena and utilization of the possibilities associated with structuring and reuse of data, process and decision support.

She has followed the work of FIKS (Joint Implementation of ICT Systems in the Northern Health Region) to merge EPR systems in each of the four health companies in the region, and establish regional standards for the use of DIPS in the Northern Health Region.

In addition, she follows the national and regional work on archetypes. The archetypes should be used as clinical standards for DIPS Arena. The use of archetypes will help standardize and structure the clinical information. She focuses on organizational factors related to this work, collaboration between different actors and the importance of clinicians involved in the work.

Gro-Hilde Severinsen

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Tel: +47 901 99 457

Title: Researcher

Department: Patient Pathways

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Gro-Hilde's projects

Project title Year Theme Project management
Scaling the effects of Lean through generative Electronic Patient Records 2014 - 2017 Patient pathways
Gro-Hilde Severinsen
Lukket legemiddelsløyfe 2017 - 2018 Omid Saadatfard
Helseplattformen: felles klinisk kunnskapsstøtte 2018 - 2018 Pasientforløp
Omid Saadatfard
Collaboration and exchange of information - Mapping of GPs time use and routines 2018 - 2018 Patient pathways
Omid Saadatfard
Fra fritekst til strukturert journal – en forutsetning for klinisk beslutningsstøtte? 2018 - 2022 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Line Silsand Gro-Hilde Severinsen

Gro-Hilde's publications in Cristin

Title Year Category
Socio-technical Challenges of Large-Scale EPR Standardization in Healthcare. 2018 RAPPORT
Ambivalently awaiting: Norwegian general practitioners' expectations towards a cross-Institutional Electronic health record 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Tar første steg mot strukturert journal 2019 MEDIEBIDRAG
Preconditions for enabling advanced patient-centered decision support on a national knowledge information infrastructure 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
From Free-Text to Structure in Electronic Patient Records 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
From free-text to structure in Electronic Patient Records 2019 FOREDRAG
Preconditions for Enabling Advanced Patient Centered Decision Support on a National Knowledge Information Infrastructure 2019 FOREDRAG
Assessing HTA on Large-scale E-health Processes –Introducing the Need for Action Research 2019 FOREDRAG
Structuring Electronic Patient Record Data,a Smart Way to Extract Registry Information? 2019 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling - Beskrivelse av tidsbruk og arbeidsoppgaver blant fastleger 2018 RAPPORT
Establishing an Evidence Based Knowledge Platform for Norwegian Healthcare 2018 FOREDRAG
Hvordan kan kliniske beslutningsstøttesystem støtte helhetlige pasientforløp? 2017 FOREDRAG
The Politics of Establishing ICT Governance for Large-Scale Healthcare Information Infrastructures 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
How to involve the users in the large scale work with openEHR archetypes in Norway? 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Infrastructuring in healthcare through the OpenEHR architecture 2017 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Establishing ICT governance for regional information infrastructures in healthcare 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Consensus on Norwegian archetypes 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
Barriers to the Success of Health ICT Implementations – A Report from Norway 2016 FOREDRAG
Barriers to the Success of Health ICT Implementations – A Report from Norway 2016 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL
The Contextualization of Archetypes: Clinical Template Governance 2015 BOKRAPPORTDEL
How to organize for a large-scale openEHR-based Electronic Patient Record 2015 TIDSSKRIFTPUBL

Gro-Hilde's project reports

Report no. Title Author(s)
2018 05 Samhandling og informasjonsutveksling Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen, Line Silsand, Gunn-Hilde Rotvold, Gro-Hilde Severinsen, Anne Granstrøm Ekeland, Eli Kristiansen, Trine Strand Bergmo, Rune Pedersen, Inger Marie Holm, Halgeir Holthe