Scaling the effects of Lean through generative Electronic Patient Records


The project has followed the work of the FIKS project "HOS" consolidating todays EPR systems in the four health trusts in the North Norwegian health region, in addition to establishing regional standards to use in today’s EPR system. This regionalization process is a step towards accomplishing the overall goal of Norwegian healthcare related to “one citizen one journal” since all the information about the patients in the health region can be accessed from all the hospitals in the region. The project has focused on problems related to changing from local to regional focus, and challenges and importance of establishing a regional governance organization.

In addition, the project has focused on both the national and regional work with archetypes used as clinical standards for the new EPR system. We have looked into problems related to establishing a regional archetype governance organization, recruiting clinicians to participate in the national work, and challenges related to the way the Norwegian archetype work have been conducted so far.


Focus on regional processes contributing to basis for implementing the new DIPS Arena EPR system, and challenges related to these processes; like regionalized use and setup of the EPR system. Emphasis on challenges related to regional and national work with archetypes the standards for the clinical content of the EPR system.


Data collection is done mainly by using a qualitative method based on interviews and observations.