Collaboration and exchange of information - Mapping of GPs time use and routines


Results from a previous survey of time use in the municipal health and care service indicated that a lot of time is spent on obtaining and processing treatment information between the actors in the municipal health and care service. The survey has not gone into what kind of messages are the biggest time-thief.

This project will seek to reveal what GPs greatest time-thief can be.


Contribute with knowledge related to the overall requirements and specific issues defined by Helseplattformen. Support the municipalities' identified knowledge needs for the good utilization associated with the acquisition in Helseplattformen.

Provide knowledge of the GP's needs seen in relation to Helseplattformen's adopted goal of effectiveness:

  • Better interaction within and between primary and specialist health services
  • Increased efficiency and better use of resources
  • Reduced time spent on documentation and searching for health information


Our methodological approach will be a focus group interview with a doctor's office in a small, medium and large municipality. The purpose of the focus group interviews is to clarify and illuminate the three points above through a conversation.