Thomas Roger Schopf


Thomas Schopf is a medical doctor and researcher employed at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research since 2007. He graduated from the Medical faculty, University of Oslo in 1995. After serving as a medical officer in the armed forces, he practiced as a general practitioner in several municipalities.

Following training at the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of North Norway he received a board certification in dermatology and venereology. In 2013 he defended his PhD thesis "Using the Internet to manage atopic eczema" at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Dr. Schopf teaches students as well as health professionals in dermatology and telemedicine. His main research interests are focused on clinical decision support systems for skin cancer, teledermatology and web-based education aimed at patients as well as health professionals.

He is a board member of the International Dermoscopy Society. He has experience running various teledermatology services and has made significant contributions to the development of the websites "Eksemskolen.no" and "Sjekkdeg.no" as well as the web-based courses "Help, it's itchy!" and "The Electronic Health Record-school". In addition to his research position at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Dr. Schopf sees patients at his office in Storsteinnes.

Thomas Roger's projects
Project title Year Theme Project management
Methods to evaluate the effects of digital health services for citizens 2016 - 2017 Paolo Zanaboni
The Electronic Health Record-school 2015 - 2016 Pasientforløp
Thomas Roger Schopf
Nevus doctor - Clinical decision support for skin cancer in primary health care 2014 - 2020 Thomas Roger Schopf
STD prevention - A Novel Game-Based Appointment System for Youth 2014 - 2016 Citizen services
Elia Gabarron
Spørreundersøkelse knyttet til EPJ 2017 - 2018 Patient pathways
Services for health professionals
Kristian Malm-Nicolaisen
WARIFA: Watching the risk factors: Artificial intelligence and the personalized prevention and management of chronic conditions 2021 - 2024 Citizen services
Health data
Conceição Granja Thomas Roger Schopf
Thomas Roger's publications in Cristin
Title Year Category
Quality, Usability, and Effectiveness of mHealth Apps and the Role of Artificial Intelligence: Current Scenario and Challenges 2023 Academic article
Dermatoscopic and clinical features of congenital or congenital-type nail matrix nevi: A multicenter prospective cohort study by the International Dermoscopy Society 2022 Academic article
E-health in Norway, Before and after the Covid-19 pandemic 2021 Academic lecture
Managing atopic eczema in society and the health care system 2021 Academic lecture
Telemedisin før og etter korona 2021 Academic lecture
Inequalities in the patterns of dermoscopy use and training across Europe: conclusions of the Eurodermoscopy pan-European survey 2020 Academic article
Management of ocular manifestations of atopic dermatitis: A consensus meeting using a modified delphi process 2020 Academic article
Teledermatology in Norway using a mobile phone app 2020 Academic article
How well is the electronic health record supporting the clinical tasks of hospital physicians? A survey of physicians at three Norwegian hospitals 2019 Academic article
Hyperspectral image analysis for skin cancer 2018 Lecture
Nevus doctor – Clinical decision support for primary care physicians 2018 Poster
Atopisk eksem 2018 Academic article
Methods to Evaluate the Effects of Internet-Based Digital Health Interventions for Citizens: Systematic Review of Reviews 2018 Academic literature review
Er dette en farlig føflekk? 2018 Interview
The impact of dermoscopy on melanoma detection in the practice of dermatologists in Europe: results of a pan-European survey. 2017 Academic article
Comparison of computer systems and ranking criteria for automatic melanoma detection in dermoscopic images 2017 Academic article
Effekter av digitale innbyggertjenester 2017 Report
Impact of Facebook ads for sexual health promotion via an educational web app: A case study 2017 Academic article
Factors driving the use of dermoscopy in Europe:a pan-European Survey 2016 Academic article
Hudkreftdiagnose gjennom bilderSkin Cancer Diagnosis through Images 2016 Briefs
Web-based consultations and counseling for parents of children with atopic dermatitis 2016 Abstract
Web-based consultations and counseling for parents of children with atopic dermatitis 2016 Academic lecture
Re: Telemedisin bringer spesialisthelsetjenesten hjem til pasienten 2015 Reader opinion piece
Computer-aided decision support for melanoma detection applied on melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions: a comparison of two systems based on automatic analysis of dermoscopic images 2015 Academic article
Improved Skin Lesion Diagnostics for General Practice by Computer-Aided Diagnostics 2015 Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
Randomized trial of a novel game-based appointment system for a university hospital venereology unit: Study protocol 2015 Academic article
Consistency and Standardization of Color in Medical Imaging: a Consensus Report 2014 Academic article
Can a game-style web app prevent sexually transmitted diseases? 2014 Poster
Play as a prevention strategy: Using a web app to teach youth about STDs 2014 Poster
A randomized online health experiment for a safer youth sexual behaviour 2014 Poster
Performance of a dermoscopy-based computer vision system for the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions compared with visual evaluation by experienced dermatologists 2014 Academic article
Sjekkdeg.no: A game-style Web app for preventing sexually transmitted diseases 2013 Academic article
www.sjekkdeg.no 2013 Poster
Using the Internet to Manage Atopc Eczema 2013 Doctoral dissertation
Gamification Strategy on Prevention of STDs for Youth 2013 Abstract
Gamification Strategy on Prevention of STDs for Youth 2013 Poster
Føflekk eller malignt melanom? 2012 Feature article
Impact of interactive web-based education with mobile and email-based support of general practitioners on treatment and referral patterns of patients with atopic dermatitis: randomized controlled trial 2012 Academic article
Doctors and nurses benefit from interprofessional online education in dermatology 2011 Academic article
Automatic Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images by Iterative Classification 2011 Academic article
A computer aided diagnostic system for malignant melanomas 2010 Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
Unsupervised segmentation for digital dermoscopic images 2010 Academic article
The workload of web-based consultations with atopic eczema patients at home 2010 Academic article
Web-based consultations for parents of children with atopic dermatitis: results of a randomized controlled trial 2009 Academic article
Thomas Roger's project reports
Report no. Title Author(s)
2017 02 Effekter av digitale innbyggertjenester Paolo Zanaboni, Thomas Roger Schopf, Trine Strand Bergmo, Monika Johansen, Nils Kolstrup, Elin Johnsen
Thomas Roger's fact sheets
Fact sheet no Title Contact
2016 13 Skin Cancer Diagnosis through Images Thomas Roger Schopf
Thomas Roger's posters
Poster no. Title Author(s) Size
2018 15 Nevus doctor - Clinical decision support for primary care physicians Thomas Roger Schopf A0