The Electronic Health Record-school


The electronic health record (EHR) is a fundamental tool for many health care professionals. A structured EHR system will be introduced at the University Hospital of North-Norway. Users will experience considerable changes in the way clinical information is entered and retrieved. There is a lack of practical lessons and few opportunities exist to train interaction between different professions.

The EHR-school is a practical curriculum applying a case-based approach. Personnel from different professional backgrounds may train individually or in groups. In this pilot trial the EHR-school is being tested by medical students, doctors and nurses. The EHR-school is meant to be a supplement to existing educational activities. The basic concept consists of clinical cases presented to the user through short videos. After viewing a video, users are requested to perform various tasks. The clinical cases are not real and there are no real patients appearing in the videos. During the course users have access to a training version of the EHR. The aim of the study is to assess user satisfaction.


To develop an interactive case-based curriculum for health personnel in order to improve operation of a new EHR system.