Valkyrie - distributed service-oriented architecture for coordinated healthcare services


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The aim of Valkyrie is to develop a technical prototype of an ICT architecture to promote health care services coordination.

Valkyrie will work to reduce the gap in relevant patient health data availability between health care services in different levels. Patient-centric pathways will guide our models to make the relevant patient health data available to the relevant health professionals.

The outcomes of Valkyrie will improve the availability of patient health data at the point of care, and thus helping health professionals to deliver better care. Better care will improve quality of life, increase adherence to treatment and reduce morbidity.

Valkyrie focus on mental health services in Norway. A growing number of individuals are not receiving optimum care, partly due to lack of coordination and information. We will study how health care services.


This will be achieved through joint research activities with national and international partners. Knowledge will be collected through reviews, observations and interviews with patients and their care providers. In terms of innovation, the outcomes of Valkyrie will advance the digital transformation of health care services.