Learning Healthcare System toolbox (LHS-toolbox)


Learning Healthcare System (LHS) promotes reuse of electronic health data collected in clinical practice to generate knowledge and fast feedback to the clinicians in form of guidelines and decision support. This project aims to create a LHS infrastructure that provides the healthcare service with a holistic view of patient care using data collected in hospitals, GP offices and home care. In addition, patient self-reported profiles, representing personal goals, outcomes, preferences and experiences are included. Minimizing gaps between the two perspectives is the main goal of the project.

Data analysis and visualization enables comparison of the clinical and patient perspectives of health. The discovered trends are presented to focus groups of clinical experts for qualitative evaluation. The proposal combines the experiences from a number of ongoing research initiatives: distributed extraction and processing of healthcare data, secure multiparty computation, archetype-based modeling and transformation, development of collaboration mechanisms within healthcare. National and international experts are putting together their effort and knowledge to develop an innovative healthcare system.


The project will minimize the gap between clinical perspective of health and patients goals, outcomes, preferences and experiences.


  1. Develop infrastructure for a holistic view of the patient health status, based on data from different sources.
  2. Evaluate the provided information and its potential to deliver patient-centered healthcare.

  3. Assess the differences between clinical and patient-reported perspectives.

  4. Measure the response of the healthcare service to the provided knowledge.

  5. Use the experience to support designs for future learning tools.


The project serves as a pilot study, evaluating the response of the current healthcare services to the novel paradigms.