Concept for a national e-health monitor


The past two decades have seen an increase in public funding for ICT in the health care sector. We expect significant investment in national effort over the next few years. This increases the expectations of status and performance monitoring for national priority areas and documentation of the impact and benefits of different measures over time.

The project will evaluate various concepts for a national Norwegian e-health monitor. The monitor supplies information about the status of key focus areas and maps developments in the e-health field over time. The monitor will be part of a solid knowledge base for use in prioritization and management of e-health and the development of strategies in the e-health field. It should also support quality improvement activities within the health authorities, and public health research and analysis. The final report will describe and evaluate the alternatives and recommend a concept for a national e-health monitor.


To establish a knowledge base to support improved implementation capacity and national governance of e-health.

  • A definition of e-health adapted to a Norwegian context
  • An overview and evaluation of existing data and surveys in the e-health field
  • A report presenting and evaluating various concepts and a technical recommendation of a preferred concept for a national e-health monitor
  • A proposed implementation plan for the recommended concept