Tackling social inequalities in health with the use of e-health and telemedicine solutions - Polenprosjektet


The aim of this EES-financed project (Norway Grants) is to equalize access to and improve the quality of health services for impoverished groups and citizens in remote areas in Poland. This project seeks to develop seven models and procedures for e-health and digitalisation within the discipline’s cardiology, geriatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, palliative care, and chronic diseases.

After being publicly announced in Poland, and going through a selection process, the chosen models will be financed and tested as pilot projects in regional hospitals and institutes. The pilots will then be evaluated by an independent unit, and the most successful pilots will then be implemented and financed by public funding.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will contribute to this project by sharing competence and research. Furthermore, The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will contribute with resources in working groups within the chosen fields and facilitate for cooperation between scientists and health personnel in Norway and Poland.


Reduction of social health inequalities through equal access to health services regardless of residence and social background.


The project is divided in three main parts/activities or work packages:

  1. Development of models for e-health within seven fields of medicine
  2. Competence building of residents and health personnel
  3. Information campaigns and promotion of the project

Open Days - webinar series

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