Artificial intelligence for everyone

In strong contrast to how multinational corporations handle artificial intelligence (AI), the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research wants to democratize the use, management and development of AI.

Gruppebilde prosjekt AIDEA
Caption: Parts of the project group are working hard in the run-up to submission. From left: Randi Laukli, Phuong Dihn Ngo, Miguel Hernandez, Anne Torill Nordsletta, Anne Moen (on screen), Maryam Tayefi, Terese Olsen and Maria Östensson. Several project participants were not present when the photo was taken. Photo: Jarl-Stian Olsen

The Norwegian government has announced NOK 1 billion for research into artificial intelligence (AI). The money will help ensure that Norway does not end up last in the class in this area. The call for proposals is completely open, and initially everyone can submit an outline of their idea. The goal is to create more AI centers.

AI supporting sustainable growth

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research is launching an ambitious project to democratize AI and address challenges related to development, implementation and governance.

- We want to address societal challenges, set new standards for an inclusive, ethical and trustworthy AI, promote innovation, and support equitable and diverse growth, explains Anne Torill Nordsletta, Head of Department.

- These are big ambitions, but someone has to dare to think that we can be a counterforce to the strong commercial forces of multinational corporations like Meta and its ilk, she explains.

With these ambitions, the AIDeA project aims to shape the future of AI and its role in society, ensuring that the benefits of this cutting-edge technology are available to everyone.

Why not just do it together?

- We've been researching artificial intelligence for many years. It has always been challenging to get hold of data and there is extremely tough competition for developers, so when this call came, the idea of democratization and collaboration came naturally to us, says Phuong Dihn Ngo, senior researcher at E-health Research and member of the project group.

The concept outline has been developed over several months and was finally submitted to the Research Council on Friday, June 7.

Now the work of developing a comprehensive description of the concept begins. This will form the basis for deciding whether we have the opportunity to establish a KI center. The project group has already made contact with important national and international partners - and there is room for more!

If you think this is something your organization/company would like to be involved in, you are very welcome to get in touch!