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The teams that help people with mental health problems struggle with digital issues

FACT teams meet people with serious mental health problems where they are, so that more can avoid being admitted to psychiatric hospitals. But the digital systems are far from optimal.


How best to manage 110 000 safety alarms?

Call 113 or use the alarm?

We don't yet agree on the best way to organise response centres, nor what tasks they should take on. Let's take a look at the research!


The challenges and opportunities of improving medication management in the Norwegian healthcare system

A new research article from two of our researchers uncovers critical challenges faced by Norwegian doctors and nurses in the digital healthcare landscape and what is the medicine of the future.


The best artificial intelligence for Sápmi

What is Sami artificial intelligence in health?


Artificial intelligence in the north!

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will research the introduction of artificial intelligence in Helse Nord!


Helseplattformen – ett år etter

Mulighetene i Helseplattformen er utallige, men alt går ikke på skinner enda.

På webinar 16. februar vil vi undersøke hvordan legemiddelhåndtering har endret seg i løpet av det siste året på St. Olavs hospital.


What is right and wrong in digital remote care?

In order to contribute to a good/safe society, we must take the time to reflect on which values we prioritise. For example, the safety of a health technology must be weighed up against security and freedom.

How do we ensure ethically sound digital home monitoring?


Closed due to bad weather

The Nordkinn peninsula in Finnmark, in the far north of Norway, is dependent on a road through the mountains. Unfortunately, this particular road is perhaps the road in the entire country that is most often closed due to bad weather.


Guidelines and guardrails for AI in healthcare

High-quality data is the first step towards successful use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. What exactly do we mean by high-quality data and how do we get there?


Nordic eHealth survey

A recent study by the Nordic eHealth Research Network (NeRN) has illuminated the experiences, usage, and attitudes of Nordic citizens towards digital health systems through a comprehensive survey.

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