Together we fight the late effects of cancer among adolescents!

Cancer among young people is heartbreaking, and with the late effects of treatment, the disease is not over, even if the cancer is gone.

EU Missions: Cancer
Photo: European Union 2022

As a partner in Cancer Mission Hub Norway, we wanted to gather stakeholders to join the EU application to fight the late effects of cancer among adolescents.

On Thursday, May 23, we held a digital gathering to discuss the call and meet partners. Here, the Research Council of Norway briefly informed us about the call. We then shared ideas on how we can proceed with an application together. The meeting ended with discussions.

The project aims to:

  • increase understanding of the consequences of late effects of cancer among young people,
  • find the best practices to prevent late effects,
  • and increase the quality of life of those who have survived cancer at a young age.

We need researchers, authorities, industry, user organizations and healthcare companies to work together to find good solutions.