Clinical decision support in Felleskatalogen

Last year, Felleskatalogen introduced side effect search, and is now taking it a step further with the integration of interaction analysis and clinical decision support. This will provide safer drug treatment.

Join us for a webinar where director Bente Jansen shares insights on classification as a medical device and shows how our decision support works in the doctor's medical record system.

Webinar: Clinical decision support in Felleskatalogen
Bente Jansen demonstrates how Felleskatalogen can contribute to safer medication mangement.

In 2022, Felleskatalogen launched decision support for side effects related to the patient's medicines (the side effect search). Since then, the Joint Catalogue has integrated the ADR search with the interaction analysis (and vice versa). In addition, clinical decision support is now being developed for renal impairment, cross-allergy and maximum dose.

Clinical decision support will be able to provide valuable support to clinicians in the prescribing situation, thereby contributing to safer drug treatment. The decision support project is particularly demanding since the solution is classified as ‘software as a medical device’.

At the webinar, director Bente Jansen will talk about the process related to medical device classification, provide an exciting introduction to the project, and demonstrate how decision support from the Common Catalogue will be able to work in the doctor's medical record system.


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