Zero point measurement related to «One Citizen-One Record»


The project will provide an overview of the time spent on various activities related to the collection and processing of treatment information in order to verify the results of the effect analysis in "One Citizen- One Journal".

The e-Health Directorate plans for a common national solution for municipal health and care services - in line with the recommendations in the investigation of "One Citizen - One Journal" and based on experiences from the work on the Health Platform. The planning work shall independently assess the needs and realization possibilities and take place in close collaboration with the municipal sector, specialist health services, other national agencies and patient and user organizations.

The project concentrates on the effectiveness of information management, limited to interaction between healthcare providers within the municipality where we look at:

  • Time spent on obtaining and processing treatment information
  • Time spent on retrieval and processing for secondary data


The project carries out zero-point measurements in various areas of the municipal health and care service with the aim of verifying some of the quantitative effects used in the investigation.


  • Mapping studies using observation / interviews in five municipalities in the institutions; Health clinic, general practitioner, medical service, home care service, long-term department, short-term department, allocation office and IT departments. The results of this work will be used for development of questionnaires.
  • Questionnaire to municipalities.